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  • Aldershot Jewish Cemetery


    Latitude: 51.2468717, Longitude: -0.766213


    Matches 1 to 30 of 33

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    1 Jenny (Sarah) [Sheine]  Aldershot Jewish Cemetery I4789
    2 Martha [Tavel? b Menachem]  Aldershot Jewish Cemetery I4865
    3 Meir b Moshe  Aldershot Jewish Cemetery I4804
    4 Rosa [Reitsa b Moshe]  Aldershot Jewish Cemetery I4792
    5 Rose  Aldershot Jewish Cemetery I4812
    6 Sarah  Aldershot Jewish Cemetery I4826
    7 ALTMAN Moritz [Shirgar Moshe b Aharon]  Aldershot Jewish Cemetery I4850
    8 BROATMAN Solomon [Shlomeh b Moshe Zvi]  Aldershot Jewish Cemetery I4807
    9 COHEN Harry Benjamin Von Woolf  Aldershot Jewish Cemetery I4907
    10 COHEN Leah Von Woolf  Aldershot Jewish Cemetery I4905
    11 COHEN Phoebe Catherine  Aldershot Jewish Cemetery I4906
    12 COHEN? Amelia  Aldershot Jewish Cemetery I4874
    13 COTT David [David b Simeon]  Aldershot Jewish Cemetery I4891
    14 FISHER Klonimance Baron  Aldershot Jewish Cemetery I4848
    15 GOLDSTEIN Harry Vivian [Zvi Hayim b Aharon Shmuel HaLevi]  Aldershot Jewish Cemetery I4805
    16 GRUNWALD Julius [Yehuda b Shmuel]  Aldershot Jewish Cemetery I4814
    17 HART Francis Esther  Aldershot Jewish Cemetery I4851
    18 JORKE (YORKS) Joseph [Moshe b Hosea]  Aldershot Jewish Cemetery I4802
    19 KNIGHT Ellen Victoria  Aldershot Jewish Cemetery I4806
    20 LAZARECK Ernest Joseph  Aldershot Jewish Cemetery I4803
    21 LAZARECK Joseph [Joseph b Eliezer]  Aldershot Jewish Cemetery I4791
    22 LAZARECK Samuel [Shmay'e? b Eliezar]  Aldershot Jewish Cemetery I4790
    23 LYONS Louisa [Beile (Keila) b Jacob Zvi]  Aldershot Jewish Cemetery I4794
    24 MITCHELL Rose  Aldershot Jewish Cemetery I4847
    25 NATALI Priscilla Minnie  Aldershot Jewish Cemetery I4827
    26 PHILLIPS Harriett [Miriam b Moshe Aharon]  Aldershot Jewish Cemetery I4895
    27 PHILLIPS Isidor [Israel b Pinchas Yehuda]  Aldershot Jewish Cemetery I4880
    28 PHILLIPS Moses [Moshe Aaron b Phinchas Yehuda]  Aldershot Jewish Cemetery I4864
    29 SLONIMSKI Salomon  Aldershot Jewish Cemetery I4813
    30 SOLOMON Albert Alexander [Moshe b Shmuel]  Aldershot Jewish Cemetery I4824

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