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  • Canterbury Jewish Cemetery



    Matches 1 to 30 of 49

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    1 Esther  Canterbury Jewish Cemetery I12991
    2 Esther  Canterbury Jewish Cemetery I14495
    3 Frances [Gitla b Issacher]  Canterbury Jewish Cemetery I12938
    4 Meriom  Canterbury Jewish Cemetery I14340
    5 Miriam  Canterbury Jewish Cemetery I12983
    6 Miriam  Canterbury Jewish Cemetery I12993
    7 Miriam (Mary)  Canterbury Jewish Cemetery I14486
    8 Sarah  Canterbury Jewish Cemetery I12945
    9 ABRAHAM Joseph  Canterbury Jewish Cemetery I12989
    10 ABRAHAMS Henry  Canterbury Jewish Cemetery I14506
    11 ABRAHAMS Joel [Joel b Jacob]  Canterbury Jewish Cemetery I12543
    12 ABRAHAMS Rebecca [Ribka b Abraham]  Canterbury Jewish Cemetery I12555
    13 BECK Philip [Feiss b Samson b Naftali Bek]  Canterbury Jewish Cemetery I14478
    14 COHEN Pauline  Canterbury Jewish Cemetery I12566
    15 COHEN Pauline  Canterbury Jewish Cemetery I12986
    16 HART Israel [Israel b Zvi]  Canterbury Jewish Cemetery I8398
    17 HART Lizzie  Canterbury Jewish Cemetery I8397
    18 HORT Jonathon [Jonathan b Abraham]  Canterbury Jewish Cemetery I12928
    19 ISAACS David  Canterbury Jewish Cemetery I12537
    20 ISAACS Nathaniel  Canterbury Jewish Cemetery I14519
    21 JACOBS Jacob  Canterbury Jewish Cemetery I14493
    22 JACOBS Nathan  Canterbury Jewish Cemetery I14520
    23 KANN Albert (Abraham)  Canterbury Jewish Cemetery I14536
    24 KANN Ellen [Shlomith b Abraham]  Canterbury Jewish Cemetery I14535
    25 LAZARUS Mary  Canterbury Jewish Cemetery I12539
    26 LEVI Moses  Canterbury Jewish Cemetery I12972
    27 LYONS Mayer  Canterbury Jewish Cemetery I14454
    28 MOSES Isaac  Canterbury Jewish Cemetery I14504
    29 NATHAN Barnett [Behr b Mordecai]  Canterbury Jewish Cemetery I9987
    30 NATHAN Fanny  Canterbury Jewish Cemetery I12501

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