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  • City of London



    Matches 1 to 30 of 45

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 SOLOMON Naphtali Henry  1793City of London I17312
    2 SIMMONDS Phoebe  1861City of London I16703
    3 SIMMONDS Frances  1858City of London I16701
    4 SAMUEL Elizabeth [Beila b Isaac]  1821City of London I17316
    5 REUBEN Robert  1772City of London I1088
    6 RAPHAEL Lewis (Asher Lemle)  30 Mar 1794City of London I743
    7 RAPHAEL Henry Lewis  06 Apr 1832City of London I745
    8 RAPHAEL Emily S  1835City of London I746
    9 PIZA Judah  3 Jan 1846City of London I17219
    10 PEARTREE Henry  1857City of London I6349
    11 MORDECAI Esther [Esther b Mordecai]  1868City of London I14919
    12 LYONS Benjamin  1783City of London I638
    13 LUMLEY (SLOWMAN) Louis Charles [Yehuda Leib b Abraham HaLevi]  29 Apr 1827City of London I11986
    14 LITOUN Solomon  1859City of London I10916
    15 LEVY Maria [Miriam b Moshe HaLevi]  1817City of London I6390
    16 LEVY Catherine  1791City of London I523
    17 JONAS David [David b Jacob HaCohen]  1822City of London I8467
    18 HART Adelaide  1830City of London I626
    19 FILIPOWSKI (PHILLIPS) Denison  1847City of London I3739
    20 FILIPOWSKI (PHILLIPS) Abraham  1850City of London I3741
    21 EMANUEL Mary Ann  1806City of London I17667
    22 EMANUEL Joseph [Joseph b Yehuda]  1864City of London I14918
    23 ELLIS Sophia  1842City of London I1886
    24 ELLIS Rose (Rosetta)  1845City of London I1885
    25 ELLIS Reuben  1850City of London I1884
    26 ELLIS Michael  1817City of London I1881
    27 ELLIS Julia  1843City of London I1883
    28 ELLIS John  1824City of London I1987
    29 ELLIS Elias  1846City of London I1882
    30 ELLIS Barnet?  1860City of London I1888

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    Matches 1 to 2 of 2

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 NATHAN / SILVER  22 May 1859City of London F1097
    2 JACOBSOHN / SAMUEL  1859City of London F1383
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