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  • Surrey


    Latitude: 51.2622513, Longitude: -0.4672517


    Matches 1 to 30 of 130

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 JACOBS Henry [Hirsh b David Letson (Litzen)]  1768Surrey I6319
    2 BENJAMIN Catherine [Gitla b Hirsh Mulhausen]  1791Surrey I15092
    3 LEVY Daniel  1796Surrey I6322
    4 JACOBS Amelia [Minka b Zvi n/n Hirtz]  1806Surrey I6321
    5 JACOBS Lewis [Eleazer b Tsevi Hirsh]  1806Surrey I16710
    6 SIMMONS Ranyer [Rana b Benjamin]  1806Surrey I16709
    7 SOLOMONS Sophia  1808Surrey I1998
    8 ISRAEL Morris  1811Surrey I2151
    9 LEVY Lipman [Eliezer b Menachem]  1812Surrey I6182
    10 SALOMONSON (SOLOMONSON) Edward  1812Surrey I1338
    11 SIMMONDS Judah Lee  1812Surrey I16722
    12 SALOMONSON (SOLOMONSON) George  1814Surrey I1339
    13 COHEN Henry  1816Surrey I12276
    14 JONES Hannah [Hannah b Pinchas Selig]  1816Surrey I6183
    15 SOLOMON Charles  1818Surrey I11855
    16 BENNETT Simon [Simhah b Joshua]  1819Surrey I3518
    17 Julia  1821Surrey I11820
    18 AARON (HERON) Frances  1821Surrey I15093
    19 AARON (HERON) Rosetta  1821Surrey I15094
    20 ORNSTIEN Phinehas  1821Surrey I7251
    21 SIMMONDS Rebecca  1821Surrey I16723
    22 BENNETT Gabriel [Gabriel Hersh b Joshua]  03 Apr 1822Surrey I7478
    23 HARRIS Jane  1823Surrey I16547
    24 SAMPSON Julia  1825Surrey I10289
    25 AARON (HERON) Sarah  1826Surrey I15095
    26 COHEN Abraham  1826Surrey I12278
    27 COHEN Judah (George Judah)  1826Surrey I12277
    28 EMANUEL Solomon [Shlomeh b Uzziel]  1826Surrey I2928
    29 LEVIN Kate  1826Surrey I16455
    30 ORNSTIEN Jacob  1826Surrey I7253

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