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  • Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London



    Photos 3 Photos

    History - The Old and New Spanish and Portuguese Cemeteries - off Mile End Road
    History - The Old and New Spanish and Portuguese Cemeteries - off Mile End Road
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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    1 Caroline  30 Jul 1886Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I7889
    2 Colomba  7 Mar 1904Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I6954
    3 Deborah  1 Feb 1881Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I17827
    4 Edith Hannah  1 Nov 1893Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I7881
    5 Elizabeth (Betsy)  28 Sep 1890Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I7399
    6 Elizabeth (Betsy)  9 Oct 1892Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I7314
    7 Esther  5 Sep 1895Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I6752
    8 Gentelica  11 May 1881Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I17845
    9 Hannah  15 Sep 1889Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I7703
    10 Leah  13 Apr 1881Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I17828
    11 Miriam  Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I15464
    12 Rachel  9 Oct 1878Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I19080
    13 Rachel [Rachel b Yitzhak Rachast]  Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I7934
    14 Rebecca  11 Aug 1884Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I7588
    15 Sara Miriam Moses  13 Jun 1877Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I19052
    16 Sarah  25 Aug 1895Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I7834
    17 ABECASIS Aaron Solomon  28 Sep 1903Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I6737
    18 ABECASIS Abraham Rodrigues Brandon  27 Feb 1916Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I6743
    19 ABECASIS Esther Moses  Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I6747
    20 ABECASIS Gladys Lavinia  25 Sep 1952Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I6748
    21 ABECASIS Moses Solomon  8 Mar 1911Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I6739
    22 ABENDANA Elias (Isaac Elias)  Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I15426
    23 ABENDANA Esther Raphael  14 Jul 1880Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I17704
    24 ABENDANA Hananel  26 Dec 1900Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I6759
    25 ABENDANA Henry  Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I6758
    26 ABENDANA Solomon  Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I6755
    27 ABRAHAMS Barnet Albert  17 Nov 1891Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I6776
    28 ABULAFIA Raphael  22 May 1892Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I6734
    29 ACRIS Judah Moses  21 Apr 1889Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I6779
    30 AFRIAT Judah Naphtali  Nuevo (New) Jewish Cemetery, London I6782

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