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  •  Edmonton Federation Jewish Cemetery , London, 1. England, UK

    Opened in 1889 and owned by the Federation Burial Society. The land was previously owned by Montague Samuel (see ID: I3953) Ist Baron Swaythling in Jeremys Green Lane, Edmonton, which is now known as Montagu Road, was presented to the Federation of Synagogues as a burial ground. The first burial was on 16 April 1890.

    General views of the cemetery can be found here

    Status Headstone photos: incomplete.

    If you have any photos you would like to donate to CemeteryScribes please Contact Us THANK YOU!!

    Visiting arrangements: this is an open cemetery, see for more information.


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     Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
    Tash, Colman
    Tash, Colman
    Ref: SC201 
    Located    TASH Colman [Kalman b Natan] (d. 13 Mar 1924)
    Tiktin, Kate  (married name)
    Tiktin, Kate (married name)
    Located    Kate (d. 15 Feb 1924)
    Warm, Israel
    Warm, Israel
    Ref: tnws8 
    Located    WARM Israel [Israel b Moshe] (d. 04 Jul 1916)
    Warman, Rebecca (married name)
    Warman, Rebecca (married name)
    Located    Rebecca (d. 12 Feb 1924)
    Waterman, Annie (married name)
    Waterman, Annie (married name)
    Located    Annie (d. 08 Jan 1924)
    Weitzensang, Morris
    Weitzensang, Morris
    Ref: DGef9 
    Located    WEITZENSANG Morris [Moshe b Zelig HaCohen] (d. 02 Mar 1915)
    Wiseman, Simon
    Wiseman, Simon
    Located    WISEMAN Simon (d. 30 Nov 1922)
    Wolman, Harris
    Wolman, Harris
    Ref: DGef9 
    Located    WOLMAN Harris [Zvi b Yitzhak] (d. 30 Oct 1924)
    Zipperstein, Rebecca (married name)
    Zipperstein, Rebecca (married name)
    Ref: SC200_1 
    Located    Rebbecca [Rebecca b Moshe] (d. 16 Mar 1924)

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