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    Looking for your family history?
    Trying to find your ancestors' burial place?

    Search our database of headstone inscriptions from Jewish cemeteries throughout the UK

    Find headstone inscriptions, including Hebrew transliterations (where possible) and mini family trees for each individual. Also included are records from various sources such as census returns, wills, birth and marriage registers, and many more, to help you complete your genealogy and understand your ancestry.

    Cemetery Scribes and Synagogue Scribes are dedicated to the memory of Angela SHIRE, whose humanity, consummate integrity and encyclopedic knowledge inspired their creation. They represent an enduring legacy to her major contributions to the art of Anglo-Jewish history.


    To see a full list of the cemeteries covered and to browse through our records, photos and inscriptions for each one go to Headstones by Cemetery.

    A brief history of each cemetery is included while a more detailed history for some of the cemeteries can be found under Cemetery Histories.

    General views for many of the cemeteries are under Cemetery Photos.

    You may notice that some of our data and information has been copied by FindaGrave 'contributors' without our permission. Much of the information taken is incomplete and some contains errors. We recommend you always check the source by searching CemeteryScribes!

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