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  • Edmonton Western Jewish Cemetery


    Latitude: 51.6256054, Longitude: -0.058401


    Matches 1 to 30 of 166

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    1 Ann Elizabeth  Edmonton Western Jewish Cemetery I2269
    2 Braine (Breina) (Bertha)  Edmonton Western Jewish Cemetery I2279
    3 Caroline  Edmonton Western Jewish Cemetery I143
    4 Chaya Fradel  Edmonton Western Jewish Cemetery I2320
    5 Deborah  Edmonton Western Jewish Cemetery I57
    6 Esther  Edmonton Western Jewish Cemetery I205
    7 Esther  Edmonton Western Jewish Cemetery I233
    8 Fanny  Edmonton Western Jewish Cemetery I103
    9 Fanny (Eliza)  Edmonton Western Jewish Cemetery I209
    10 Fanny (Feiga Leah)  Edmonton Western Jewish Cemetery I2302
    11 Hannah  Edmonton Western Jewish Cemetery I137
    12 Hannah  Edmonton Western Jewish Cemetery I185
    13 Hedwig  Edmonton Western Jewish Cemetery I2425
    14 Henrietta (Chaya)  Edmonton Western Jewish Cemetery I2207
    15 Hester  Edmonton Western Jewish Cemetery I264
    16 Jetty  Edmonton Western Jewish Cemetery I25
    17 Leah  Edmonton Western Jewish Cemetery I215
    18 Leah  Edmonton Western Jewish Cemetery I2396
    19 Leonora  Edmonton Western Jewish Cemetery I46
    20 Marianne  Edmonton Western Jewish Cemetery I2387
    21 Phoebe  Edmonton Western Jewish Cemetery I2410
    22 Rosa  Edmonton Western Jewish Cemetery I2384
    23 Sarah  Edmonton Western Jewish Cemetery I2223
    24 Sarah  Edmonton Western Jewish Cemetery I2399
    25 ABOHBOT Alfred Prosper [Abraham Mesod b Dov]  Edmonton Western Jewish Cemetery I3
    26 ABOHBOT Clara  Edmonton Western Jewish Cemetery I5
    27 ABRAHAMS Jessie  Edmonton Western Jewish Cemetery I94
    28 BARNETT Frederic Baruch [Baruch b Joel]  Edmonton Western Jewish Cemetery I9
    29 BENJAMIN Abraham Louis  Edmonton Western Jewish Cemetery I12
    30 BENSCHER Claud Alfred  Edmonton Western Jewish Cemetery I13

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