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  • Hoop Lane Jewish Cemetery



    Matches 1 to 26 of 26

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    1 Annie  Hoop Lane Jewish Cemetery I12668
    2 Esther  Hoop Lane Jewish Cemetery I12725
    3 Flora  Hoop Lane Jewish Cemetery I1673
    4 Juliet  Hoop Lane Jewish Cemetery I12673
    5 BEHRENS Oscar Henry  Hoop Lane Jewish Cemetery I12688
    6 BERLANDINA Sarah Julia  Hoop Lane Jewish Cemetery I12707
    7 DE SAXE Edward Albert  Hoop Lane Jewish Cemetery I12745
    8 EMANUEL Kate  Hoop Lane Jewish Cemetery I9112
    9 FRANK Julius  Hoop Lane Jewish Cemetery I12675
    10 HENRIQUES Edward Nathaniel  Hoop Lane Jewish Cemetery I12669
    11 HENRIQUES Frances Lucy  Hoop Lane Jewish Cemetery I8733
    12 HERZFELDER Willy  Hoop Lane Jewish Cemetery I12712
    13 ISAAC Jessie  Hoop Lane Jewish Cemetery I8919
    14 JOSEPH Sarah  Hoop Lane Jewish Cemetery I8906
    15 KAISER Berthold (Bernard)  Hoop Lane Jewish Cemetery I12727
    16 LOBEL Alfred  Hoop Lane Jewish Cemetery I12670
    17 MAGNUS Philip  Hoop Lane Jewish Cemetery I12536
    18 MAKOWER Moritz (Maurice)  Hoop Lane Jewish Cemetery I8918
    19 MARX Albert  Hoop Lane Jewish Cemetery I12731
    20 MOCATTA Horace  Hoop Lane Jewish Cemetery I10345
    21 NATHAN Eva (Eve)  Hoop Lane Jewish Cemetery I9988
    22 NATHAN Louisa  Hoop Lane Jewish Cemetery I1327
    23 SOLOMON Julia  Hoop Lane Jewish Cemetery I5307
    24 SPANIER Adolf  Hoop Lane Jewish Cemetery I12699
    25 TCHERNIAC Dora  Hoop Lane Jewish Cemetery I12726
    26 WUNDERLICH Ferdinand  Hoop Lane Jewish Cemetery I12681
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