Do branches of your family tree lead you to Denmark?

Then you should pay a visit to the site “Danish-Jewish Funerals and Tombstones up to 1866” at available in both English and Danish.

The site covers all known Danish-Jewish funerals from the earliest ones in the late 17th century to 1886 when the first of two newer cemeteries in Copenhagen came into use.

All existing tombstones in a total of 11 cemeteries have been photographed and the database also covers graves where no stones are preserved. 6,157 funerals are searchable via names, location (cemetery, section, row and grave number), or burial date.

Prior to 1810, the written sources for funerals are very fragmentary. Consequently we must assume that some 2,000 unknown funerals have taken place before that year. In fact, the only source to the earliest funerals are the tombstones if preserved. The figure below depicts the coverage of the database. Red colour denotes funerals with headstones and blue known funerals without stones.

CemeteryScribes are pleased to publish this short description written by the site owner Tom Brondsted. We would also suggest that even if you don’t know you have Danish ancestors that you take a look at the extensive list of names found here

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