Great Synagogue Burials added to !

We have just added over 3,500 Great Synagogue burial records (BSGSBUR)  to our sister site .  These have been compiled from transcripts left by the late Rabbi Dr. Bernard Susser, with additional material by the SynagogueScribes team and cover burials from 1791 to 1823 & 1832

Partial text versions of Dr. Susser’s originals can be seen on Frank Gent’s website and we are indebted to Frank for allowing us to use this material and for the many hours of additional work he did in  editing and updating these very incomplete transcripts. [Please support Frank’s latest fund raiser for Cavernoma Alliance UK]

As with many of these early registers, a large percentage of the entries contains no English family or first names. Where possible, we have made positive identifications or suggested lines for further research but we appreciate the difficulties some of you may have with these records and, over the coming weeks, we hope to offer you some step-by-step guides to help you use the two “Scribes” databases more effectively.

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