Putting the record(s) straight

Some months ago we received some information regarding the family of Abraham Jacob Jonas.

We checked  the data and found it sound,  with one exception.  Our correspondent suggested that Benjamin JACOB JONAS  had married a Julia REUBEN daughter of Jacob Reuben of Dover.

Problem was that we had well sourced records which showed that Julia (Gitla bat Jacob) Reuben had died in 1831 and was buried in Canterbury Cemetery.

Jump forward several months and we found documentation that proved our correspondent was right.   But so were we!

Take a look at the entry on our CemeteryScribes website for JACOB REUBEN and you will see why.

Not long after the death of the ‘first’ Julia, a daughter was born to Jacob Reuben and his wife  Leah (nee Lyons) and the baby girl was given the identical name (both Hebrew and English) as her recently deceased sister.

This ‘second’ Julia was, indeed, the wife of Benjamin Jacob Jonas. and she died on the other side of the world in Sydney Australia (details can be found on the excellent Beverly Davis database http://www.bd-bd.info/)  We were delighted to be able to update our records

Abstracts of Wills for Jacob & Leah Reuben can be found in the Secular Records section of our SynagogueScribes website NA1230 REUBEN Leah 1857 (9 Feb) NA1231 REUBEN Jacob 1852 (20 Feb).

Since the theft of our data by the Knowles Collection (since removed) and subsequently by Sefardies we have had good reason to think and re-think our views on data; how it should be made available; and, if it should be made available, should it be in printed book format only or published on the net?

No matter what, we still come back to the same conclusion; publishing on the net allows us to show the original details as they were recorded by the scribes and to then add ‘notes’, separately, to show additional information and the sources of that extra data, without changing the original record. As is shown above, we are constantly updating these notes, something that would not be possible in a printed format. Thus, as well as being able to add new information to our Cemetery data, we have been able to update the relevant Synagogue records for Julia Reuben (1) and Julia Reuben (2) and we hope these additions will assist in avoiding future confusion.

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