Baby Stegosaurus -WARNING

Find a Grave website is no doubt of use to some but creates a wealth of ‘competitive contributors’ who reason to be exists solely to claim they have added more data to the site than others. Sometimes referred to ‘digital undertakers’.

There are the genuine contributors who photograph tombstones to assist in genealogy research or as a memorial to a family member and then there are others who data mine, copy other people’s work and add it as there own. This is in against Find a Grave’s own terms of use and indeed against CemeteryScribes terms of use.

One of the problems with this is that they add nothing other than a name and date, and do not include the actual source. As any good genealogist knows it is the source that is important. How else can you check that the info is correct. But equally it is profiteering by the mis-use of others work, Find a Grave is an advert laden website which is revenue generating. Ancestry now owns it and charges membership fees.

Here is one such contributor who calls him or herself Baby Stegosaurus ID 49885654 who, at today’s date has added 551,150 ‘memorials’ or 4,908 memorials per week, but only 2,510 photos. A clear indication of data mining from other sources – which he/she does not name.

This contributor has data mined our site and others, by example United Synagogue Find a Grave. Although he/she claims in their Bio to “I like to document over seas cemeteries and memorials particular those of Dutch heritage and old church burial records.”

When asked for the source of his entries he/she said it was the International Jewish Cemetery Project. Which of course we all know does not list individual burials but points to websites that do along with providing useful information on the history of the cemeteries and contact details. Baby Stegosaurus then refused to answer which site he/she took the data from although we have absolute proof that ours was one of them.

Find a Grave and Ancestry have been approached and we wait to see if and how they will deal with it. In the mean time this is a Warning to you all and a ‘Cease and desist’ notice to ‘Baby Stegosaurus’ and the person who hides behind this. Do not Data Mine our site, do not contravene our Terms of Use and those of Find a Grave.

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