Bancroft (Maiden Lane) Cemetery – More names found

As our readers will know we have previously reported on the planned restoration to Bancroft (Maiden Lane) Jewish Cemetery, see here.

Susie has continued in her mission to find as many names as possible of those buried in this cemetery and we are now able to add over 40 more names to the list from her research at the LMA and some we have located in other sources.

We are reprinting the list here with the additional names included in blue:


AARONSON, Hyam (or Hyman) 17 Mar 1882
ABRAHAM, Emanuel 1823

ABRAHAM?, Martha

ABRAHAMS, Mark 15 Aug 1884

ABRAHAMS, Lily 15 Aug 1884

ABRAHAMS, Juliet 1875

ABRAHAMS, Israel 15 Aug 1884

ABRAHAMS, Julia. Wife of Moss 1895

ANSELL, Dinah 1874

ANSELL, Abraham Dec 5616

BARNARD, Aaron of Deptford 1823


BRAHAM, Hannah 28 Oct ???? wife of Abraham Braham

COHEN, Julia 21 Nov 5629

COHEN, David 5606

COLLIN(S) Mark 20 Oct 188(6)

COLLINS Ann (Nancy) 1885/6

COLLINS, Amelia daughter of Mark & Lydia Collins 25 Nov 1869 – 5789 (?) year does not match.

COLLINS Lydia (nee COLLISS) wife of Mark Collins Jul 1887

COLLINS, Abraham 1860 aged 83 Abraham b Jacob. Died at the London Hospital 3 Nov 1860, buried on 7 Nov.

COLLISS Joseph 1 (or 17) Nov 1883 in 75th year

DAVIES David 1882/3


EMANUEL, Mirlalah (Mirlah)  wife of Simon Emanuel 1829 age 64

EMANUEL, Simon (Simon b Menahem) 1840

EMANUEL, Eliza 17 Feb 1861

EMANUEL, Simeon 27 Nov 1885 age 53

EMANUEL, Phoebe 1892

EMANUEL, S Dec 1885

EMANUEL, Emanuel May 5609

EMANUEL, Caroline (nee MAGNUS) wife of Simeon 15 Dec 1879

FEISSER, Wulf (Wolf) 16 Jul 5611

GABRIEL, Michael 1894

GONSAWA, Alexander 26 Apr 5628

GONZAWA, Maximilian 28 May 1892

HARRIS, Maria wife of Ephraim 1824

HARRIS, Ephraim 1840

HARRIS, Lewis 9 Apr 1877

HARRIS, Henry Oxford Terrace Hyde Park 1899 Uncle of Willie Salaman

HART Henry Jacob 29 Jan 1889 Son of Tress & Debbie Hart, age 6 months

HART, Alcey wife of Henry Hart 21 Oct 5608 50 years

HART, T after 1896

HART Hannah wife of Aaron 4 Mar 1880

HART, Agnes 28 Jul 5615/6 wife of Moses or David Hart Royal Mint Street

HENOCHSBERG, Julius 1857 (not 100% confirmed – but very likely)

HYAMS, Moses 1818 aged 54

HYAMS, Judith Aug 5580 wife of David Hyams

ISAACS, Isaac (Isaac b Hayim) 1817

ISAACS, Samuel 1846?

ISAACS, (H)annah 1886 Relict of .. Isaacs


JAC(OBS) Ezekiel .. 80th year

JACOB, Elizabeth 22 Mar 1895 widow of Isaac Jacob aged 75


JACOBS Philip 14 Mar 1889

JACOBS Emanuel 1854 age 83

JACOBS James 18 Sep 1881

JACOBS Alexander 1 Mar 1883

JACOBS John 30 Dec 1885 age 41

JACOBS Hannah 21 Feb 1895

JACOBS Lewis Aug 5613

JOSEPH David Rev’d 11 Aug 1871 aged 54

JOSEPH, … 1898


KYEZOR Louis 11 Oct 1869

LAZARECK Ernest M 22 Sep 1890

LAZARUS Samuel 1817 aged 68

LEVY David

LEVY Simeon

LEVY Simeon son of Moses Levy

LEVY Simon

LEVY Joseph 15 Aug 5603 62 years

LEVY Michael 1815

LEVY Isaac Dec 1844 aged 45

LEVY Joseph 1846

LEVY Aaron 1886

LEVY Wolf Oct 1891? Age 8(4?)

LEVY Samuel 2 Mar 5594 son of Solomon & Ann Levy 16yrs 4 months

LEVY Lewis Nov 5608 son of Moses Levy 38 yrs

LEVY Hannah 1 Nov 1865 wife of Aaron aged 50

LEVY, (the father and grandfather of Morden Solomon Levy)

LEVY Leah 1886 wife of Morris

LYON Dinah

LYON James S 31 Dec 1897

LYON Robert 11 Sep 1898

LYONS Amelia 1921 (last burial at Bancroft)

MARKS Elizabeth

MARKS Juliet & Fanny 1881

MARKS Julia 15 Aug 1884

MARKS Elizabeth 2 Nov 1881 widow of Charles age 72

MOCH Moise 12 Feb 1902 age 70


MORELL Hyman Jonas (Joseph) 20/30 Aug 1879 age 58

MORELL Charlotte 26 Jan 1894 69 years

MORRIS Rebecca 5631 wife of Isaac Morris

MOSES daughter of Rev Jacob Moses

MOSES Abigail wife of Philip Moses 1814

MURRAY Joseph 5 May 1881

MURRAY George Joseph 2 Jun 1887 79th year

MURRAY Abraham Joseph Apr? 1888 5648 54 years

MYERS John 15 Oct 5593

PHILLIPS  Philip Rev’d 18 Jun 1918

PHILLIPS Bloomah 24 Jan 5576 late wife of David Phillips 40 years

PISER (PIZER), Wolf (Benjamin Zeev) son of Rabbi Nathan of Copenhagen 1837

POLAK Mark 22 Jun 1875 5635


SALAMAN Mrs 17 May 1871 (mother of Willie) [Elizabeth Salamans 44yrs]

SALAMAN Mr 29 Aug 1910 (father of Willie)


SIMONS Caroline (nee Isaacs) wife of Moses 1 Sep 1888 72years

SIMONS Michael 1823 or 1824

SOLOMON Lewis 1878 age 78

SOLOMON Abraham 1810

SOLOMON Abraham 1 Sep 1811?

SOLOMON Charles 16 May 1890

SOLOMON Bowers Dec 1890 age 64

TOWN Ben Janus (James) 21 Apr 5581 son of Isaac Town of New Bond St

WINKEL Bernard 11 Mar 1890

Leah daughter of Phineas wife of Moses b Hayim died 1814

Moses b Abraham Mordecai died 1824

Jacob died 1830/1

Alkia? wife of Mr [Mor…] Reuben …. died Sun 24 Sivan buried [Wed] 27 5619 (died 26/6/1859).

Kenandel b Jacob died 10/12/1866

Israel b Nathan died 4/9/1869

Samuel (Unknown) died 23 Jan 1895

Keila widow of … bar Moshe .. Fri 26 Adar 5655. (22/3/1895)

Abraham ben Isaac … [died] Sun [7] .. Elul? [buried] Mon 9 560[6]

Beila bat … died [Wed / Thur] 6 Tishri 563[?] …

Rosetta (Unknown)

Levi b Jacob HaLevi aged 67

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  4. Ena Nicholls says:

    I have been tracing my family history and your website shows my 3 x Great Grandmother Hannah Braham is buried in Bancroft (Maiden Lane) Cemetery. This has been of great help Thank You

  5. Gaby Laws says:

    Thanks Ena, you will find more information on Hannah Braham and a photo of her tombstone here on our main site

  6. badmash says:

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  7. Rosemary Wilmot says:

    I have just found this great website. My husband’s Gt Grandmother x 4 is Hannah Braham nee Moses. There is a photo of her on the Ancestry website you may like. Alson 2 of her husband Abraham Braham. I see there is a photo of her headstone. Do any of the general view photos encompass where she is buried ? Apparently this is what was on her headstone.
    Sacred to the memory of Hannah Braham
    Hannah BRAHAM
    the dearly loved wife of
    Abraham Braham
    who departed this life
    October 28th….56…
    aged (?70) year
    She was an affectionate wife
    a kind parent
    and respected by all who knew her!

  8. CemeteryScribes says:

    Thanks for your kind comments, Hannah Braham tombstone can be seen here

  9. Judie becque says:

    Hi we have been doing our family tree and find that my husbands great great grandfather is Charles Solomon and Bowers Solomon being his great great uncle. Where are the headstones and bodies gone? Thanks Judie Becque

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