Julia and Edward Laurine

The serendipity of the random Google Search occasionally drops an unexpected sugar plum in your lap.. One such dropped into ours recently: a book entitled “An historical and topographical description of Chelsea, and its environs, Volume 2”  By Thomas Faulkner. Published in 1829, this delightful work  includes a whole section on the Jewish Burial ground at Queens Elm.

This touches briefly on the history and, the layout of the ground, and offers some useful information on the rites and practices of Jewish burial.

But, best of all,  as far as we are concerned, it cites the names of some of the individuals buried in the cemetery and quotes from the inscriptions from a few tombstones, some of which are no longer extant.  And  it’s one of these that has got us totally baffled.


Who were Edward and Julia Laurine?  It’s not often we draw a complete blank but we can find nothing. The stone would have been newly erected as Julia Laurine died  in the year prior to the publication of the book, so it seems unlikely the author misread the name: but could it be he mistook a V for a U and the name was Lavrine or Lavien?  If anyone has any thoughts on this we’d love to hear from you..

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