Selected Bibliography and online sites of Jewish Cemeteries and tombstones worldwide

Selected Bibliography and online sites of Jewish Cemeteries and tombstones worldwide by Dr P Kirby.

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CountryTitle / WebsiteAuthorPublisher / Date of PublicationDescription
ADENTombstones bearing Hebrew Inscriptions in Aden. http://halachicadventures.comFranke-Klein. AArabian Archaeology and epigraphy.2005 Online article by subscription-Wiley online library200 Hebrew epitaphs discovered up to publication date and their analysis
AFRICACape Verde Jewish Heritage Project Publications List. https://capeverdejewishheritage.orgCape Verde Jewish Heritage Project. Inc. Online websiteAn ongoing projectRestored and dedication of the Jewish Cemeteries Ponta do Sol. Penha de Franca in Ribera Grananda.Santao Antao. The purpose of the project is to honour the memory and contributions of the Sephardic families who settled in Cape Verde from Morocco and Gibraltar during the mid-19th century
ALBANIAInternational Jewish Cemetery Project. https://iajgscemetery.orgJewishGen website onlineJewishGen online world wide burial registryOne cemetery and 1 burial
ALGERIAGrave connections: Algeria’s Jewish Cemeteries as sites of diaspora-homeland contact. https://www.tandfonline.comJay.S.T.2017 online abstract which requires subscriptionAn account of a family seeking to bury their father in the Jewish cemetery in Algiers closed to the public since 1962. The positive effect the process had on their understanding of Algerian Jewish history and culture.
ALGERIAInternational Jewish Cemetery Project. https://iajgscemetery.orgJewishGen website online and International Jewish Cemetery Project (IJCP) online siteJewishGen online world wide burial registryBurial locations are listed with links on IJCP – burial sites are searchable. The data bases provide summary overviews of the cemeteries with further sources
ARGENTINAFindagrave.comOnline data baseOngoing updated website data baseSearchable data base. Currently 340 burials recorded with almost a quarter photographed. This is the largest Jewish cemetery in South America with 70000 graves- see International Jewish Cemetery Project for information on the cemetery and searchable data base
AUSTRALIAAustralian Jewish Historical Society Burials data base. searchable data baseAJHSThe searchable burial data base extends the original Beverley Davis Burial Data collection and currently includes 82000 records. 300 burial sites across Australia are recorded.
AUSTRALIARookwood Jewish Cemetery. searchable data base including burial records with Hebrew and English inscriptions. plot details. photographs. 27000 records online
AUSTRALIAWhen Absence is the Artefact: Unmarked Graves in the Jewish Section Melbourne General CemeteryLever.M. A request for a copy of the article should be made to the author via the net linkInternational Journal of Historical Archaelogy.2009The study considers the importance of discovering meaning in archaeological records in the absence of burial markers such as tombstones in Melbourne General Cemetery
AUSTRIABetween Memory and Oblivion-The Jewish Cemeteries in ViennaCorbett.TOnline article 2016. academia.eduA short article on the importance and influence of Jewish life in Vienna and the 100000 memorials. The lack of a comprehensive survey and account of the cemeteries and burials is noted.
AUSTRIAInternational Jewish Cemetery Project-ViennaOnline websiteiagscemetery.orgPart of the IAJS World wide cemetery project with the aim of mapping. recording and preserving all Jewish Cemeteries. The site has references to publications on Vienna Jewish Cemeteries and burial grave inscriptions. There are further website links.
BARBADOSMonumental Inscriptions in the Jewish Synagogue at Bridgetown. Barbados: with historical notes from 1630Shilstone.E.M.Macmillan. 1998A catalogue of all the monumental inscriptions in Bridgetown. Barbados Jewish cemetery- 248 pages
BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINAJewish Cemetery in Sarajevo. whc.unesco.orgUNESCO –no author attributionUNESCO online article.2018Description of the cemetery which started in the mid-16th century with an analysis of the tombstones including materials and iconography and a comparison with other cemeteries
BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINAThe story of the old Jewish Cemetery in Sarajevo. thetogetherplan.comLevinger-Goy.J.CambridgeOnline- UK Charity focusing on Belarus building a Jewish cultural Heritage Route bringing attention to the forgotten and lot Jewish heritage sites and cemeteriesA personal anecdote on the Sarajevo Old Jewish Cemetery including its devastation and vandalism from1967-2000. The writer states that 95% of the tombstones were damaged and cited failure of the authorities to preserve and protect the cemetery
CANADABaron de Hirsch Jewish Monument Montreal. Veterans.gc.caGovernment of CanadaNames of 579 Jewish Canadian Armed forces personnel inscriptions
CANADAHirsch Community Jewish Cemetery Saskatchewan Cemeteries Project. https://sites.rootsweb.comOnline websiteRootswebList of names buried in the cemetery with date of burial and some dob; 4 have photographs of tombstones. 50 burials by 1970; First burial 1888
CANADAThe Cemetery Photography Project of the Genealogical Institute of the Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada. website Jewish Historical Society of Western CanadaThe project aim was to photograph all the gravestones in the Jewish cemeteries in Manitoba. Photographs were taken 1996 and completed 1997. 15367 photographs were taken in 4 cemeteries in Winnipeg and several smaller cemeteries in the province. The data base is 364 pages and located in several in Western Canada. The photographs are held at the Jewish Heritage Centre Western Canada
CARIBBEANThe successful Caribbean restoration: The Nevis StoryStern.M. JSTOR online articleAmerican Jewish Historical Quarterly Vol 61.No1 September.1971. University of Pennsylvania PressThe history of the Jews burial ground on the Leeward Island. Nevis. its refurbishment and re-dedication. The cemetery dates from the 17th century. The names of early Jewish inhabitants are recorded
CARRIBEANTowards the Preservation of Caribbean Jewish Monuments. https://www.jstor.orgMaslin. S.J.American Jewish Historical Quarterly Vol 58. No 4 (June 1969). The John Hopkins University Press.The article discusses the loss of important Jewish artefacts and monuments from Caribbean communities and the need to address the losses. It considers critically the lack of interest by many Jewish communities in protecting and preserving the artefacts and tombstones.
CHINAHarbin Jewish Cemetery Zegk.uni-heidelberg.deHistory Department Centre for European History and Culture. University of Heidelberg. Herren.M and Canaan Ben.DThe Jewish cemetery started in 1903 but expanded and was re-located in the 1920s.The cemetery was again re-located in 1958 and became part of the Public cemetery. From 3000 graves 853 were removed and transferred to a small site aby by 1963 only 876 graves of which 480 gravestones can be identified. The cemetery has been protected and preserved from the 1990s.However. prior to that date numbers of tombstones were removed and used in buildings and construction. There is a link to a cemetery map
CHINAJewish Communities of China: Shanghai’s Lost Foreigner Cemeteries. See also Shanghai. China-Jewish Tombstones in the middle of a Chinese cabbage field. of a personal aim to locate the missing foreign cemeteries of Shanghai including the Jewish cemetery. The article confirms confirmation of the location of the cemetery and the discovery of tombstone fragments which were being offered for sale or used buried.
CHINALost Shanghai Jewish Graves. See also The Lost Shanghai Jewish Graves article D.Bar-Gal. author recorded.Geni.ComThe article describes the project of Dvir Bar-Gal Israeli journalist and his team to identify and preserve tombstones taken from Shanghai Jewish Cemeteries. Numbers of tombstones were removed. broken up during the Chinese Cultural Revolution and are scattered in various locations or used in buildings and construction. The project currently lists 86 names from tombstones
CURACAOPrecious stones of the Jews of Curacao:Curacoan Jewry 1656-1957Emmanuel.IBloch Publishing Company. 1957The book describes the 2nd oldest Jewish cemetery in the Americas and the oldest in Curacao with reference to History. Biographies. and Cemeteries. There are 204 biographies and a catalogue of 2500 individuals buried in the cemetery
CZECH REPUBLICOld Bohemian and Moravian Jewish CemeteriesParik.A . Fiedler.J and Ehl.PPaseka.1997List of all Jewish cemeteries in the Czech Republic
CZECHOSLOVAKIAGardens of Life: Moravian Jewish Cemeteries in photographsBretfeldova.HAlbert Knihy. Boskovice. 2018Jewish Heritage Europe Bibliography. Online website
CZECHOSLOVAKIAJewish Cemeteries in Bohemia and MoraviaHerman.JCouncil of Jewish Communities in the CSR. Prague 1982A catalogue and map of the Jewish Cemeteries in Czechoslovakia
CZECHOSLOVAKIAPrague Jewish CemeteriesJewish Museum in Prague.2008Parik.A publication containing 211 colour photographs on early tombstones. Focus on the Old Jewish Cemeteries in Josefor. Zizkov. New Jewish cemetery. Cemetery maps showing location of graves. Jewish burial ceremonies and customs are included
DENMARKMosaic Burials and Tombstones until 1886Margolinsky.JCopenhagen 197810 Jewish cemeteries recorded. The majority of burials in Mollegrade. Denmark. Data taken originally from Jewish deaths in Denmark 1693-1876 with later corrections and updates
EGYPTEgypt Cemeteries-Alexandria. Chatby 1. Chatby 2. Chatby 3.Cairo: Bassatine. Mosseri Enclosure.No details of authorNo details of publisherLists of names and dates on tombstones. Copied 1996-2000. Held at the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain library
ETHIOPIAAden in Days of Empire-Jewish Cemeteries. Jefferson. I and othersPickering. Jefferson et al. 2022A short article describing the Jews in Ethiopia (today known as Eritrea). Reference to the Synagogue closed in 1975 and the cemetery with 150 burials
ETHIOPIAJewishGen https://www.jewishgen.orgJOWBR Cemetery inventoryJewishGenInventory online. 2 cemeteries. 4 burials noted
ETHIOPIAThe Bright Blue Graves of Safed Cemetery. Kabbalah mystics lie 2020Online article with photographs. Description of the world famous Kabbalah cemetery and the mapping of gravestones
ETHIOPIAThe Falashas. A short History of the Ethiopian JewsKessler.D3rd Edition. 1996 Frank Cass. LondonThe book describes the source of the communities and traces it to the Jewish settlements in ancient Egypt and what is now Sudan
ETHIOPIAThe Stories Gravestones Tell-The Ferenji Cemetery at Gulele.Addis Ababa. anglo-ethiopian.orgAgstner.RThe Anglo Ethiopian Society.2008The article describes initial research into the cemeteries in Gulele with reference to a small number of Jews recorded in the 1930s but not noted in the cemeteries currently referred to.
ETHIOPIAYemenite Jewish Cemetery. Addis Ababa. -jewishphotolibrary.smugmug.comJono. DHaCkayim Photo Library 2015Large number of photographs including tombstones and the cemetery
EUROPEHouses of Life. Jewish Cemeteries of EuropeJoachim JacobsAuthor Beyer.H.D. Frances Lincoln. (1st Edition) 2008The story of Jewish cemeteries from Medieval to present. maps. illustrations. paintings. drawings
FRANCESephardic Jews of Bordeaux. Jewish Genealogy websitewith reference to digitised links to birth. circumcision. marriages and burial records of the Portuguese Jewish community of Bordeaux
FRANCESephardic Jews of Bordeaux with reference to digitised links to birth. circumcision. marriages and burial records of the Portuguese Jewish community of Bordeaux. https://sephardicgenealogy.comOnline websiteSephardic Jewish Genealogy websitewith reference to digitised links to birth. circumcision. marriages and burial records of the Portuguese Jewish community of Bordeaux
FRANCETo whom do the dead belong? The Jewish cemetery at the Hotel-Dieu in Lyon. France. https://www.manchesteropenhive.comGerstenenkorn.JHuman Remains and Violence Vol 3. No 1 (2017). Manchester University Press Univsite Lumiere Lyon 2 Manchesteropenhive.comA discussion on the conflict surrounding the discovery in 2015 of 18th Century Jewish graves in the Catholic Hospital Hotel-Dieu.Pre-Revolution Jews were prohibited from burying their dead in their own cemeteries. Bodies were buried in the basement of the Catholic Hospital and discovered when the hospital was converted into a retail complex. The issue of what should happen to the bodies and fragments of bodies created significant disputes among various involved local parties including descendants. local community. Jewish religious leaders and others.
GENERALA collection of Jewish records including photographs of tombstones and cemeteries from around the world. https://jewish-heritage-europe.euOnline data baseJewish Data ComA subscription is required for further data but an initial surname search is available
GENERALA field guide to visiting a Jewish cemetery; A spiritual journey to the pastSegal.JJewish Cemetery Publishing. 2005Guidance on the historic. cultural and religious context of Jewish cemeteries and burial customs
GENERALA Practical Guide to Jewish CemeteriesMenachemson.NBergenfield.NJ: Avotaynu.2007The book includes the history of Jewish burials. how to read inscriptions. famous Jewish cemeteries. burial locations. famous Jews burials. location of Nazi concentration camps. preserving and protecting Jewish cemeteries
GENERALA searchable data base of Jewish Memorial plaques from synagogues and memorials world wide. https://jewishgen.orgOnline searchable data baseJewish Gen Memorial Plaques Data base225000 Yahrtzeit Plaques/records with 15000 photos from 417 synagogues. institutions and memorials in 41 countries. Searchable by surname.
GENERALBibliography of publications on Jewish Sepulchral Monuments. bibliographyGraffiti website 2022A list of 60 sources written in English and other languages
GENERALCharitable like Abigail: The history of an epitaph. muse.jhuBaumgarten. FJSTOR online articleThe Jewish Quarterly Review Vol 105. No 3 ( Summer 2015). University of Pennsylvania PressThe article examines the epitaph of Abigail a Jewish woman and the extent to which the role of women in charitable actions and activities are recognised within a cultural and historic contexts.
GENERALDeath in Jewish Life. Burial and Mourning Customs among Jews of Europe and Nearby communitiesReif.S. Lehnardt.A. Levar-Bar.A With numbers of other contributors-Online article 2014Online article Walter de Gruyter GmbH.Berlin/BostonA series of essays by numbers of contributors describing and analysing the Jewish burial and mourning customs in Europe and close communities ( 400 pages)
GENERALDeciphering Jewish Gravestones. downloadable PDF.B and F:Jewish Genealogy and more.2020The article is detailed and focuses on explaining the meaning of iconography on Jewish gravestones. A bibliography containing a selection of books on Jewish tombstones and other sources
GENERALEastern Europe Jewish TombstonesWodinski.M Online articleThe Yivo Encyclopaedia of Jews in eastern EuropeThe historical context of Eastern European Jewish tombstones including materials used iconography. epitaphs. and changes in design. Some photographs included and suggested reading
GENERALEPIDAT-The Database of Jewish Epigraphy. searchable data baseThe project is part of the collaboration between Salomon Ludwig Steinheim Institute. Essen and the Academy of Sciences and Literature. MainzSearchable data base of 244 digital editions with 44455 tombstones from 1050-1945-1952
GENERALEU Project. Preparatory action protecting the Jewish cemeteries of Europe; fostering stake holders involvement and awareness raising. Project onlineEuropean Commission 19 April. 2021Proposals for partnership work and funding to establish pilot work involving local communities. educational institutions. cultural and creative sectors with a focus on preserving Jewish burial sites
GENERALEuropean Jewish cemeteries initiative. https://www.esjf-cemeteries.orgESJF Projects Ongoing projectOnlineThe development of a major data base of European cemeteries and mass graves established 2006. Currently 11061 cemeteries on the data base. Focus on protecting and preserving the burial grounds and tombstones in every European Jewish cemetery
GENERALGraven Images: Graphic motifs of the Jewish GravestonesSchwatzman.AHarry N Abrams.Inc 1993Colour photographs of Jewish tombstones in 38 -200 graves-144 pages. The importance of iconography is discussed
GENERALGuide to Jewish Cemetery –Elements. prohibitions and how to conduct a 2016Description of Jewish burial tradition. iconography. law and custom ( 37 pages)
GENERALHouse of Life: Jewish Cemeteries of Europe. https://housesoflife.comJ JacobsOnline searchable data base Francis Lincoln Publishing Group. 200830 plus Jewish cemeteries in Europe covering a two thousand year period. Includes photographs. plans. maps. photographs. drawings. Customs. gravestone design and cultural. spiritual values are considered
GENERALHouses of Life: Cemeteries of EuropeJacobs.J and Berger.H.D ( photographer)International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies. Avotaynu 200830 cemeteries were studied covering 2000years of history. Jewish funeral rites and customs are described.
GENERALIt’s Carved in Stone. https://www.academia_eduIsenberg.M2010Free download PDF 35 full PDFs relate to this paper. Description of an ongoing research project since 2004 in the Spis region of Poland examining over 20 cemeteries and 3200 tombstones. Vital records and other data was incorporated in the research
GENERALJewish Atlantic World. Collection online data basePhotographs of 3059 gravestones in 27 locations world wide
GENERALJewish Burial Grounds-Understanding Values. eurojewishstudies.orgLangham.B. Online articleEnglish Heritage Report. 2015Online research paper (34 pages). Aims and research questions are listed with a background to Jewish burial practices and their cultural and historic importance. Case studies include Sandymount Glasgow. Penzance. Novo
GENERALJewish Cemeteries in the classroom.; Vonnak.D; Carmel.P ; Fishel.A (Ed)ESJF Guide.2020. Online84 page coloured guide. The focus of the guide is to present the Jewish Cemetery as a fundamental resource in the research of the local Jewish community and its cultural and historic importance
GENERALJewish cemeteries photographic libraryHaChayim HaYeHudim Jewish Photo Cemeteries are organised alphabetically by country and territory. The cemeteries have photographs of tombstones
GENERALJewish Cemeteries-An Annotated Bibliography based on the collection of The NATIONAL Library and the library of the Ben Zvi Institute. bibliographyIsrael Genealogy Research Association. Jerusalem 2014Updated bibliography from the original 1997 edition. The 2004 Bibliography has 244 entries covering the period from the 19th Century to present. The list includes sources from 39 countries and ca 95000 tombstones and ca 500 cemeteries. The books are written mainly in German. English. Polish. French with 27 other languages
GENERALLast Landscapes. The Architecture of the cemetery in the WestWorple.KUniversity of Chicago Press224 pages. 129 colour plates. A study of the various methods of burial across Europe and North America and the effect that cremation has upon cemetery design and the absence of plots. The destruction of cemeteries and the loss of tombstones is also examined
GENERALLetters in the Dust-The epigraphy.archaelogy and conversation of Medieval Jewish cemeteries. https://www.eurojewishstudies.orgA series of online papers for the European Association for Jewish Studies. Organisers Rutgers.L.V. and Saar-Paz.OEAJS Conference2017A series of papers and workshop presentations on Medieval Jewish cemeteries including their iconography and archaeology
GENERALMedieval Hebrew Inscriptions. Towards a European Data BaseWilke. C.L. online articleJewish Studies at the Central European University 7. 2009-2011 ( 2013) pp147-172A research paper which considers the desecration and looting of Jewish cemeteries during Medieval times and the importance of identifying. recording. protecting and preserving tombstones and inscriptions in a codified and consolidated manner
GENERALMedieval Hebrew Inscriptions: Towards a European DatabaseWilke.C.L.Online article 2011 Jewishstudies.ceu.eduThis article cites numerous examples of the destruction of Jewish memorial stones in Europe
GENERALMetropolitan Jewish Cemeteries of the 19th and 20th centuries in Central and Eastern Europe. A comparative studyKlein.RMichael Imhof Verlag.2019A major comprehensive study and analysis of Jewish cemeteries and burials in Eastern and Central Europe. The work includes architecture. customs. history. religion. iconography among other factors
GENERALMetropolitan Jewish Cemeteries of the 19th and 20th Centuries in Central and Eastern Europe: A comparative studyKlein.RICOMOS-Journal of the German National Committee and Landesden Kmalamrt. Berlin. Michael Imhof Verlag.2018Sample of 20 urban Jewish cemeteries in large central and eastern European countries ( not the Ukraine)
GENERALOdessa secrets: the 1905 progrom. Cemetery PortraitsOdessasecrets.wordpress.comThere is no name of the writer of the blog site and there are other comments. The blog appears to date from 2015The blog forms the research into the Odessa Pogrom 1905 and the lives of those who lived and died during the period. The site includes photographs of Odessa Jewish tombstones but also that of cemeteries and tombstones in USA. Stalingrad. Poland. Photographs include a narrative. There is a list of names and further links to other sources including family portraits and details of individuals and families in Odessa
GENERALPrinted books on cemeteries of Sephardic communities among the collection of the Jewish National and University Library and The Ben Zvi Institute Library Institute Library Jerusalem. https://www.sephardicstudies.orgOnline bibliography Compiled by Tagger.M No date of articleFoundation for the Advancement of Sephardic Studies and Culture Online bibliographyAn annotated bibliography arranged by alphabetical country order (18 countries); 5 pages
GENERALThe Complete Visual Guide to Jewish Headstones. https://cousins.comLandes.H2018 Online –requires a subscription.cousinist.comIncludes the meaning of iconography on the tombstones and translations of dates and other symbols
GENERALThe First Sephardic Cemeteries in South America and in the West Indies. https://www.jstor.comBohm.G. JSTOR on line articleStudia Rosenthaliana.Vol 25.No 1.1991The early arrival of Jews in Recife. Pernambuco and the establishment of communities including the burial ground in the 1630s. The effect of the Inquisition and the persecution of Jews leading to their leaving Brazil after 1654. The Hunt’s Bay Jewish cemetery and the oldest grave 1672 among other research
GENERALThe funeral and Cemetery HandbookWeinberger.DMesorah Publications Limited.2003Discusses Jewish funeral and burial rites and customs
GENERALThe Heritage Foundation for Preservation of Jewish Cemeteries (HFPJC). https://hfpjc.comOnline ProjectOnline website which includes updates and project information Brooklyn. New York HeadquartersWebsite founded 2002 with the aim of restoring hundreds of Jewish cemeteries and thousands of gravestones across Europe Details of restored and preserved cemeteries and tombstones are recorded.
GENERALThe Jewish Cemeteries in the euregiorhtein-maas-nordSteinheim-institute.de2007-2008Cemeteries in the eurogio-rhein-maas-nord (not previously published) were recorded. documented and edited. Biographical information. where possible. was added
GENERALThe Jewish Way in Death and MourningLamm.M RabbiJonathan David Publishers. 2000An update on the earlier 1972 publication. A detailed consideration of the Jewish burial and mourning customs-336 pages
GENERALUrban Jewish Cemeteries in Central and Eastern EuropeGadowske.IWydawnictwo Hamal.Andrzej Machejek.2016193 pages. illustrations. bibliographical references
GENERALWe Are Where We are Not; The Cemetery in Jewish CultureBar –Levav.AWorld Union of Jewish Studies. 2002. JSTOR online articleHistorical and phenomenological study of Jewish cemeteries as institutions and in Jewish culture and society
GENERALWooden Tombstones from Jewish Cemeteries in Eastern EuropeWisniewski.T. 2008.Jewishmag.comThe article is part of the book A History of Lost Shtetl Cemeteries. Historic description of the wooden tombstones first erected in the 18th Century and later tomstones in Poland. Early black and white photographs of tombstones with some of inscriptions recorded. There are links to other sites
GERMANYBerlin’s Oldest Jewish CemeteryLee.H –foteins blog2013 Blog articleBrief description and history of Der Judishe Friedhof Grosse Hamburger Strasse. The article includes the deportation and murder of 55000 Berlin Jews. There are photographs of the cemetery and some tombstones including those of Moses Mendelssohn
GERMANYDe Mortuis Nil Nisi Hebraice. The Language of Tombstone Inscriptions in Nineteenth Century Germany. https://www.jstor.comBrocke.M and Muller.C.E.Studia Rosenthaliana Vol 36. 2002-2003 Peeters Publishers JSTOR online article requires registrationThe article describes the evolvement of Jewish tombstone inscriptions and iconography particularly the language used from Greek. Latin to Hebrew
GERMANYJacob Jacobson Collection. https://archives.cjh.orgJacob Jacobson CollectionCenter for Jewish History. Part of the Leo Baeck Institute Repository New York Center for Jewish HistoryThe collection was assembled in Berlin and removed by Jacobson’s wife and child when they immigrated to England in 1939. The collection consists of records of several Jewish Ashkenazi and Sephardic communities including Berlin. Altona. Hamburg. Wandsbek.Birth. marriage. death records. and grave stone inscriptions are included.
GERMANYJewish Cemetery Weissensee. https://www.tracesofwar.comTraces of War website. Online articlePrenger.K. 2016The article provides an important description of the cemetery pre WW2. during the war and post war. The effects on the community and individuals are described. There some photographs depicting the cemetery. including a map
GERMANYJewish monuments of the Middle Ages in Germany: One hundred and ten tombstone inscription from Speyer. Cologne. Nuremberg and Worms ( 1085c-1428). https://www.jstor.comJSTOR online articleAmerican Academy for Jewish Research Vol 14.1944An introduction to the Jewish tombs and tombstones for Speyer. Cologne. Nuremberg and Worms including inscriptions and their importance
GERMANYSephardic epitaphs in Hamburg’s oldest Jewish cemetery: Poetry. riddles and eccentric texts. https://www.jstor.comSarraga. M and F.S. JSTOR online articleAJS Review Vol 26.No1 ((April.2002). Cambridge University PressResearch began in 1986 investigating the Altona Cemetery. Hamburg recording and analysing epitaphic texts. At the time. almost 1650 epitaphs were recorded. The research focus was on 17th century epitaphs.
GERMANYThe Jewish Cemeteries in BrandenburgOnline project. Publishup.uni-potsdam.deSpurensuche auf dem Judischen Friedhof Potsdam: Einetlandreichun. University.201658 pages ( download) German grave design.history.monument preservation. teaching material
GERMANYThe Jewish Cemetery of Altona Koniogstrasse. Sephardic Sepulchral Culture of the 17th and 18th century between Europe and the Caribbean. https://whc.unesco.orgNo named authorUNESCO 2015 online articleDescription of the cemetery and its historical and cultural context; 1-5 pages. The cemetery contains 1600 tombstones dating from 17th-18th centuries
GREECEBodies Visible and Invisible: The Erasure of the Jewish Cemetery in the Life of Modern ThessalonicaHesse.C and Laquer. T.W.Cambridge University Press. 2018The story of the destruction of the Thessalonica Cemetery and tombstones in 1943. The role of the Greeks and Germans in the destruction is discussed.
GREECEKol ha KEHILA. Newsletter of the Jewish Monuments of GreeceReference to books and tombstones in various cemeteries across Greece
GREECERhodes Jewish Museum. Jewish burial headstones and burial records. https://www.rhodesjewishmuseum.orgOnline searchable data baseRhodes Jewish MuseumSearchable data base (2004) of Jewish burials between 1840s-1940s in Rhodes Jewish Cemetery. The data base enables searches of first and last names. family. Row. Plot with a link to photographs of individual tombstones
GREECEThe Jewish Cemetery of Salonika in the Cross roads of Urban Modernisation and Anti-Semitism. https://www.jstor.comVassiliku.M. JSTOR online articleEuropean Judaism: A Journal for the New Europe Vol 33.No 1 ( Spring 2000).Berghahn BooksThe article discusses the destruction of the Sephardic cemetery by the Germans in WW2 and earlier moves by the Greek authorities to expropriate the burial area for development. The tombstones were either destroyed or re-used for houses and road building
GREECEThe Living and the dead: The story of Hebrew Inscriptions in CreteAnkori.Z JSTOR online articleAcademy for Jewish Research Vol 38/39 (1970-71)The destruction of Jewish landmarks and Jewish community during WW2 and a critical review of the original research of Giuseppe Gerola. The original research looked at Jewish monuments. inscriptions. synagogue grounds (Photographs and plans are included) subsequently destroyed.
HUNGARYFriends of Budapest Jewish Cemetery.Kozma Street. https://www.budapestjewishcemetery.comOnline searchable data base and description of the project with updatesFriends of Budapest Jewish Cemetery ProjectThe cemetery was established in 1891. Photographs of tombstones and memorial inscriptions. Searchable data. There are 300000 burials in 175000 graves. The project is to clear and protect the cemetery.
INDIABuried in Bangalore. www.adamyamey.comYamey. A.R. Blurb booksYarmey.A.R..2010Photographic album of the Jewish cemetery in Bangalore. All 50 tombstones with inscriptions are photographed
INDIACalcutta Jewish Cemetery. searchable data base. Compiled by Tagger.MSephardicGen online websiteSearchable data base of burials including 3144 names; 49% men and 51% women.
INDIAInternational Jewish Cemetery Project. https://iajgscemetery.orgJewishGen website onlineJewishGen Online world wide burial registryA searchable list of 60 cemeteries with brief descriptions. 711 burials and 812 photographs currently recorded. Linked to Jewish Cemetery Project.
IRANBeheshtieh and Giliard Jewish Online website including updatesOriginal photographs taken 2003 Farzan.SNumerous close up photographs of individual tombstones from Beheshtieh. Tehran and Giliard. Damavand. The tombstones inscriptions are very visible. This is an ongoing project to add other cemeteries and to raise awareness regarding their preservation
IRELAND5618 and all that. The Jewish cemetery at Fairview Strand. https://www.jstor.comHiney.D.G.Dublin Historical Record Vol 50. No 2 ( Autumn 1997) Old Dublin Society. JSTOR online articleThe Jewish settlement in Fairview. Ballybough and the lease in 1718 on behalf of the Ashkenazim of a plot of land for the burial ground of Dublin Jews. The names of some of the Jews buried are noted
IRELAND5618 and all that. The Jewish cemetery at Fairview Strand. https://www.jstor.comHiney. D.G. JSTOR online articleDublin Historical Record Vol 50. No 2 ( Autumn 1997) Old Dublin SocietyThe Jewish settlement in Fairview. Ballybough and the lease in 1718 on behalf of the Ashkenazim of a plot of land for the burial ground of Dublin Jews. The names of some of the Jews buried are noted
IRELANDDublin Ballybough Cemetery. https://patrickcomerford.comComerford.P. Online articleOnline 2019Description of the origins of the cemetery leased in 1717 and its later development. There are almost 150 burials. headstones and about 200 graves
IRELANDThe Jewish Cemetery at Ballybough in DublinShillman.B and Wolf.LJewish Historical Society of England Vol 11 91924-1927) JSTOR online articleA lecture read to the Jewish Historical Society of England July. 1925. The lecture included research into the origins of the cemetery including its origins of its lease possibly in 1718 and a later lease in 1748
IRELAND MAJOR DATA BASEIrish Jewish Burial records. https://www.irishjewishroots.comStuart Rosenblatt Publication.Irish Jewish Genealogical SocietyThere are a series of searchable data bases with thousands of records. These include: Irish Jewish Memorial Inscriptions. Dolphin Barn. Dublin 1898-2003 (2004 publication); Irish Jewish Memorial Inscriptions Ballybough.Dublin 1748-1908 ( 2004 publication); Belfast Irish Jewish Memorial 1873-2003 ( 2004 publication); The Hebrews of Limerick 1904 ( 2005 publication); Irish Gardens of the Dead 1748-2006 ( 2007 publication; Dublin. Belfast. Cork and Limerick cemeteries burials combined data; Heritage. the DNA of Irish Jewry ( 2008) publications-61777 records including births. marriages. burial
ISRAELANU Museum-Museum of the Jewish People. Aviv. IsraelOngoing websiteThe ANU Museum-Museum of the Jewish people has major data bases including family trees. cemeteries. These are being updated. This is the significant museum for the Jewish people.
ISRAELAramaic Tombstones from Zoar and Jewish conceptions of the after lifeWilfand.YJournal for the study of Judaism in the Persian. Hellenistic and Roman Period. Vol 40.N0 4/5 (2009). Brill PublisherA study of 30 epitaphs discovered near the Dead Sea and the exploration of afterlife concepts within the Jewish community of Zoar
ISRAELModernisation and the Zionist Uncanny: Reading the Old Cemetery in Tel AvivMann.BN0 69 Special Issue: Grounds for Remembering (Winter 2000) University California PressThe article discusses the important role of the Old cemetery in Tel Aviv cemetery in Jewish memory and historic identify
ISRAELMount Herzl: The Creation of Israel’s National CemeteryAzaryyahu.M. JSTOR online articleIsrael Studies Vol 1.No2. 1996. Indiana University PressThe role of the founding fathers in the history of the cemetery including its design. cultural. religious and national importance
ITALYA project to publish a complete corpus of the epitaphs preserved in Italian Jewish cemeteries of the Sixteenth-Nineteenth CenturiesPerani.M.De Gruyters.2018Online article 48 pages. The historical context of the tombstones including photographs is described.
ITALYRenaissance in the Graveyard: The Hebrew Tombstones of Padua and Ashkenazic Acculturation in Sixteenth Century ItalyMalkiel. DAJS Review 37-2 (November 2013) Cambridge University PressIn 1509 the Jewish cemeteries in Padua were destroyed. Four cemeteries remained with 1200 inscriptions by 1860. The article explores the changing iconography of tombstone design influenced by the Italian Renaissance
ITALYStories speak-Hebrew Tombstones from Padua 1529-1862Malkiel.DE Book pdf Studies in Jewish History and Culture Vol 43. 2014 Publisher. BrillDescription of tombstone inscriptions and the influence of cultural and social changes on tombstone design and language
ITALYThe Corpus Epitaphiorum Hebraicorum Italie (CEHI): A project to Publish a complete Corpus of the Epitaphs Preserved in Italian Jewish Cemeteries of the Sixteenth-Nineteenth CenturiesPerani.MThe article is selected from Death in Jewish Life: Burial and Mourning Customs among Jews of Europe and Nearby Communities. Reif.S.C. Lehnardt. Bar-Levar.A. De Gruyter. 2014The project purpose is to publish full research papers and inscriptions relating to Italian Jewish Tombstones and epitaphs. A planned website to present the content of each volume and the facility to search for names
ITALYThe Jews in Southern Italy. https://www.jstor.comAdler. H.M. JSTOR online articleThe Jewish Quarterly Review. October 1901 Vol 14.No 1 pp 111-115A description of Jewish tombstone inscriptions in the Museum at Taranto. Thetombstones are early and include Greek and Latin inscriptions
ITALYWestern Europe Vol 1. Italy (excluding the City of Rome). Spain and Gaul.Vol 2 The City of RomeNoy.DCambridge University Press. 1995A discussion on the early Jewish tombstone inscriptions which reveal information on the communities. biblical and religious texts not previously considered
JAMAICABeth Haim Bridgetown Cemetery. https://jewishphotolibrary.smugmug.comThe Ha Chayim Ha Yehudim Jewish photo libraryPhotographs of Bridgetown’s Beth Haim Cemetery
JAMAICAJamaican Family search Genealogy. A record of Jews in Jamaica. https://jamaicafamilysearch.comAndrada.A.P.M.Online publication. 2013The publication includes a partial list of internments in various cemeteries
JAMAICAJews of Jamaica Tombstone Inscriptions 1663-1880Barnett.R and Wright.PO.Yaff ( ed).1997The life of Jewish settlers in Jamaica is examined from their tombstone inscriptions and used to emphasise the effects of cultural and historical changes on the community and individuals
JAMAICAMonumental Inscriptions in the Burial Ground of the Jewish Synagogue at Bridgetown. BarbadosShilstone.E.M.American Historical Society New York.1956Eustace Maxwell Shilstone. Barbadian lawyer transcribed during the 1930s the Jewish tombstone inscriptions in the Jewish cemetery Barbados. The inscriptions were published in 1956. The book has 205 pages including 374 epitaphs in Hebrew with English translations from 473 tombstones
JAMAICAThe Hunt’s Bay Jewish Cemetery . Kingston Jamaica. British West Indies. https://www.jstor.comSilverman. H.P. JSTOR online article.American Jewish Historical Society No.37. 1947Description of Hunt’s Bay Jewish Cemetery established during the 1650sand its later neglect and repair. The names of 47 individuals are recorded with their inscriptions. The last burial in 1819.
JAMAICAThe Hunt’s Bay Jewish Cemetery.Kingston.Jamaica.West Indies. https://www.jstor.comSilverman.H.P.American Jewish Historical Society No 37.(1947). The John Hopkins Press (JSTOR online article readable by registration)18 pages. A history and description of the oldest Jewish cemetery in Jamaica
LIBYALibya’s Jewish graveyards were destroyed. They are being built online. CJewish Telegraphic Agency. 2021 In co-operation with the ANU: The Museum of the Jewish PeopleThe development of a project to establish a virtual cemetery. The original Libyan Jewish cemeteries were destroyed in Tripoli and Benghazi. In the case of Tripoli a main road and multi storey building have been constructed on the site of the Jewish cemetery. By 2004 there were no Jews living in Libya. The article explains the causes of the destruction of Jewish cemeteries. synagogues and communities.
LITHUANIABirzai Jewishgen shtetl. site provides links to other regions and dataEarly photographs of inhabitants of Birzai with additional photographs of some descendants. memorials and other records
LITHUANIAJews on the Map of Lithuania: the case of Birzai: Preserving Jewish heritage and historical memoryKopchen.IMoskva:Sefer.2015Written in Russian. In 1941. 2400 men. women and children were murdered by Nazi soldiers and Lithuanian officers and their bodies buried in ditches. More than 90% of Birzai Jews were murdered.
LITHUANIAThe Birzai/Birzh Memorial Project. Lithuania. https://www.sajbd.orgBellin.V and Levitt.G. Online articleSAJBD.2019An account in 2019 of the unveiling of anew memorial for the victims of the massacre near Birzai. Lithuania with photographs
LITHUANIAThe Memorial book for the Jewish Community of Yurburg.Lithuania:Translation and UpdatePoran.Z3rd edition revised.2019. Friends of Yurberg Jewish Cemetery Inc.The revised edition contains accounts from survivors and emigres of the Shoah and its impact upon themselves and the Yuburg community.300 identifiable headstones are recorded among numerous photographs
LITHUANIA MAJOR DATA BASELithuanian Jewish Records 1795-1945. https://www.litvaksig.orgLitvak SIGMyHeritageLitvak SIG donated several million Lithuanian records covering a period from the late 18th century to the end of WW2. The data includes Auchwitz Death Certificates 1941-1943-65280 records
MAJOR DATABASEInternational Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS). https://www.iajgs.orgIAJGS OnlineIAJGS currentInternational Jewish Cemetery Project purpose to catalogue every Jewish burial site worldwide. An ongoing project worldwide with data being updated. The data base has information on every current Jewish cemetery world wide. The data base is searchable by cemeteries and has links to other sources. Reference should also be made to the JOWBR site which contains several million records on individual burials searchable by name.
MAJOR DATABASEInternational Jewish Cemetery Project.JewishGen website onlineJewish Gen online world wide burial registry (JOWBR)Cemetery Inventory of Jewish cemeteries. burials and photographs of each country world-wide. This is a major website with the aim of identifying. recording and preserving Jewish cemeteries. burial sites and tombstones world-wide. The site provides links to each country with further information including the date of recorded citation. The records are being updated over time.
UK MAJOR DATABASECemetery Scribes. www.cemeteryscribes.comOnlineG. LawsA major data with thousands of burial and tombstone records including photographs. mini family histories. data on individual burials. cemetery history relating to UK and international Jewish cemeteries. These records are regularly updated and the Blog contains a range of information including short biographies on individuals. cemetery research. tombstone typography among other data.
MALTAThe Jewish Cemetery at Kalkara. Malta https://www.jstor.comDavis.DJewish Historical Society of England Vol 28.(1981-82) JSTOR online articleDescription. History. plans and photographs of the Kalkara Jewish Cemetery. The oldest Jewish burial ground in Malta (1748). Various individuals are named from population registers. graves and inscriptions
MOROCCOTetuan Jewish Cemetery. Cemeteriojudiotetuan.orgOnline searchable data base managed by Amran. Benatar. SSearchable data base with photographs of individual tombstones in alphabetical last name order (178 pages) including death date. Only 1500 tombstones survive from many thousands of burials over 500 years. The site contains other information including photographs of Jewish notables.
NETHERLANDSBeth Haim Cemetery Ouderkerk aan de Amstel. Netherlands. https://bethhaim.nlOnline websitePortuguese Jewish Cemetery with grave monuments from 1614 (28000 graves). On Findagrave there are currently 193 records searchable by surname
NETHERLANDSData base 1806-1861. List of Burials at Zeeburgh and Muiderberg (Ashkenazi) and Ouderkerk ( Sephardi)Verdooner.D and Snel.HNo details of date of publication or publisherData base held at the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain Library. No details given in library index of publications
NETHERLANDSJewish Cemeteries in the surroundings of Amsterdam. Burial Register of Muierberg. https://www.jstor.comKroger.J Online JSTOR articleStudia Rosenethaliana Vol 23.1989The article considers the oldest burial register written in Yiddish. Hebrew and Aramaic dating from 1669-1811 containing 11000 burials
NETHERLANDSJews. Cemeteries. and the City of Antwerp. qoud.lib.umich.eduDaelen.V.V (undated)qoud.lib.umich.eduA short (2 pages) which considers the effects of boundaries. borders and other aspects on Jewish burial. Issues such as the payment for cemetery plots including rental and perpetuity are discussed
NETHERLANDSThe Burial Books of Muiderberg 1669-1812Straten Van.JJoodse Historische Bronnen.2000The cemetery was established in 1642 by the Ashkenazi community. The total number of individuals buried in the cemetery is 10950 including 2550 children
NETHERLANDSThe Burial books of Zeeburg 1714-1811Straten Van.JJoodse Historische Bronnen.1997The book is held by the Jewish Genealogical Society Great Britain library. 433 pages –Index of names and burials
NETHERLANDSThe Burial Register of the Jewish Cemetery at Muiderberg as a source of biographical. demographical and socio historical information. https://www.jstor.comKroger.J. Online articleStudia Rosenthaliana Vol 23 (1989). Peeters Publishers. JSTOR online articleJewish cemeteries in the surroundings of Amsterdam
NETHERLANDSZeeburg Jewish Cemetery. https://jewish-heritage-europe.euJewish Heritage Europe online links to articles with photographs of tombstones and the cemeteryJewish Heritage EuropeDetailed articles including cemetery map and analysis of burials. The Ashkenazi cemetery was established in 1714 and continued until 1942 with almost 100000 burials
POLANDA tribe of stones. Jewish cemeteries in PolandScharf.R and Krajewska.MWarsaw Polish Scientific Publishers. 1993Photographs. text. tombstone rubbings and selection of mottoes
POLANDA walk through alluring history of symbolism at the Okopowa Jewish cemetery in Warsaw. https://awomanafoot.comOnline blog2017Photographs of tombstone images with comments and the names of famous people buried with links to Wikipedia. The iconography of tombstones is discussed.
POLANDAmong the Monuments of The New Jewish Cemetery in Lodz. Reference to Ancient Egypt and Near EastLachmayer.AStudies in Ancient Art and Civilisation 12. Krakow.2008Online article with b/w photographs. The cemetery was started 1893-1896 with destruction of 500 tombstones WW1. There are now 180-20000 tombstones remaining from some 240000
POLANDBagnowka: A Modern Jewish Cemetery on the Russian PaleSzpek.H.M.Bloomington.IN: I Universe.2016The cemetery was destroyed during and post WW2 and later restored. The effects of major changes in Eastern Europe on the design and culture of the cemetery and tombstones is discussed.
POLANDDocumentation of the Jewish Cemeteries in CracowYaari.B.Haber.L. Udi.T (eds)Hotzaat teud Batei Almin. 2004Records of Cracow Jewish cemeteries.271 pages
POLANDFoundation for Documentation of Jewish Cemeteries in Poland. https://jri-poland.orgOnline data baseJewish Records Indexing (JRI)Continuing research project with alphabetical list of almost 100000 burials; searchable cemeteries with recorded name. father’s name. husband’s name. maiden name dob. date of death and additional information
POLANDFragments: Jewish Cemeteries: In search of Lost TimeLidwin.JOscar Riera Ojeda. 2022Photographs of Jewish cemetery locations destroyed during the Holocaust in the Polish region of Siesia and Malopolska
POLANDJewish Cemeteries; Old and New Cemetery Prague. synagogue.czJewish Community of PragueOnline siteSummary of the Jewish Old and New Cemeteries in Prague from their origins to the present
POLANDJewish Cemetery in Lodz. Lodz-ghetto.comLitzmannstadt Getto online websiteThe website provides an overview of the history of the cemetery established in 1892 and the murders of Jews and other groups by Germans in WW2 and their burial in the cemetery and nearby locations. The cemetery is the largest in Europe with some 230000 burials.
POLANDLesko Jewish Cemetery. Poland. Riowang.blogspot.comLesko Jewish Cemetery ProjectThe cemetery was largely destroyed in 1942 but 2000 tombstones remain. Photographs of tombstones with descriptions on some include iconography. See also Jewish Heritage Project The Old Jewish Cemetery at Lesko; a poem and photos; International Jewish Cemetery. Project with photograph links and history
POLANDLiepaja Jewish Cemetery burials.1909-1941 Liepajajews.orgOnline searchable websitewebsiteAlphabetical surname search of Cemetery books. Photographs of the cemetery 2002-2003. The website has a searchable data base of the victims and survivors of Liepaja families during the Holocaust including a Family card and 7152 names.
POLANDOzarow Cemetery Restoration Project. www.heritageabroad.govOnline websiteU.S.Commission for the preservation of America’s Heritage AbroadThe U.S.Commision helped with the preservation of the cemetery in 2001. The cemetery dates back almost 400 years and has 300 monuments. The cemetery was mostly destroyed in WW2 and tombstones used by the Germans for fortifications
POLANDPolish Jewish Cemeteries. cmentarze-zydowskie.plLarge list of Polish Jewish cemeteries with links to each cemetery. The website started 2005. The aim is to document Polish Jewish Cemeteries and draw attention to the disappearance pre-war of large numbers of Jewish cemeteries and communities. Photographs of each cemetery and tombstones
POLANDPrague Jewish cemeteries. http://www.porges.netParik.AJewish Museum in Prague website 2008Photographs of rare tombstones dating from 15th -18th century and later
POLANDPreserving Jewish cemeteries as an Actual challengeChipczyriska.ADe Gruyter Oldenburg.2020The publication focuses on the legal aspects of Jewish cemeteries and the influence that national law and politics has on the Jewish community and the preservation and protection of their cemeteries
POLANDReflections Tombstones: Childhood MemoriesBarasch.M. JSTOR online articleArtibus et Historiae Vol 9.No 17 . 1988The tombstones of Czernowitz and personal reflections on the cemetery and comments on the tombstone carvings
POLANDRemnant Stories: The Jewish cemeteries of SurinameBarasch.MArtibus et Historiaes Vol 9.No 17. IRSA Publishing.1988)Suriname’s Jewish burial practices. iconography. history and influences are examined. Personal observations and comments on some of the tombstones in the Jewish cemetery.
POLANDStill Life: Sephardic. Ashkenazi and West African art and form in Suriname’s cemeteriesUr-Ben.A and Frankel.RCincinnati. 2005The publication examines iconography of tombstones. Suriname’s Jewish history. burial practices. symbols and their meaning
POLANDThe destruction of Jewish Cemeteries (Poland)Bielawski.K (written in Polish)Association of the Jewish Historical Institute in Poland. the Nissenbaum Family Foundation and the Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland.2020The book discusses the destruction of Poland’s Jewish Cemeteries 1933-1945 and further destruction post WW2
POLANDThe Jewish Cemetery in LodzPodgarbi.BWydawinctwo Artuo.1990One of the largest Jewish Cemeteries in the World. Opened in 1892. Between 180000-230000 graves plus mass graves from the Holocaust and Littzmannstandt Ghetto Polish edition-96 pages
POLANDThe Jewish Cemetery of Tomaszow Mazowiecki Headstones which tell stories. M; Yarri.B ( ed)Jerusalem.1995 Online site. Israeli Organisation of the ex-Residents of Tomaszow.Tel Aviv.1996The article describes the project to identify and preserve the remaining few hundred tombstones (many destroyed WW2) in the cemetery with reference to their iconography and design
POLANDThe Oldest tombstones in the Jewish cemetery in TarnowHondo.LVerlag:Tarnow. 1992The book should be linked to the IAGS Cemetery Project online data base which includes reference to Tarnow including its historical and cultural context. further research by Hondo on the cemetery
POLANDThe Very Stone Shall Be a Witness. The Jewish cemetery-WielkieoczyTrzinski.A.2019Wielkie Oczy Foundation Publishing 2019372 pages and 162 illustrations. This book expands on the original publication and includes iconography. grave stones inscriptions
POLANDTombstone inscriptions to Odessa CemeteriesParkinsky.A co-ordinatorOnline searchable data base-KehilaLinks1889 book of tombstone inscriptions-Odessa books data base and All Odesa base
POLANDUnsettled Heritage. Living next to Poland’s Material Jewish Traces after the HolocaustWeizman.YCornell University Press. 2010The destruction and abandonment ofPolands Jewish cemeteries during and after WW2 and the influence that central. municipal and local Polish communities have upon their protection and preservation
POLANDWarsaw Jewish Cemetery-Beis Olam. Records Indexing. PolandOnline searchable data base15000 burials recorded with family names. given names and location. An online request form for searches with e mail requested
PORTUGALFaro Jewish CemeteryOnline searchable data base by last nameFindagrave online; SephardicGen online; JOWBR onlineThe first burial dates from 1838 and the last 1932. There are 106 graves and 71 tombstones. The Findagrave lists various individuals buried ( no photographs)
PORTUGALLisbon’s Hidden Jewish Cemetery. O – blog 2020A brief history of the return of Jews to Lisbon following expulsion and the establishment of a new cemetery. The Estrela Jewish Cemetery first tombstone was 1804. A further cemetery was established in 1868. Approximately 150 tombstones are in the 1868 cemetery. There is an aerial photograph of the site with a further short link to YouTube with a video of the tombstones
ROMANIAJewish Cemeteries of Bucovana: An illustrated book for tourists and against forgettingGeissbuhler.S and Morar. OBucuresti. 3009Colour illustrations and map
RUMANIAThe Jewish Cemetery –Cimitirului Evreiece Rumania. data.jewishgen.orgJOWBR-Sziget Burial Records Data baseRecords relating to 2060 graves with additional data base for last name origins. See also JewishGen Sziget Burial Records Data base website article
RUSSIABagnowka:A Modern Jewish Cemetery on the Russian PaleSzpek.H.M.iUniverse bookstoreDescription of Bagnowka. Bialystok cemetery now north eastern Poland founded 1892-Holocaust
RUSSIACarved Memories: Heritage in Stones from the Jewish Russian PaleGoberman.DRizzoli International Publications.2000125 Photographs of tombstones
RUSSIAIndexing Historic Graves in BelarusGraves.byOngoing website with updatesIilya and Radoshkovich Jewish cemeteries. Ongoing project with individuals submitting photographs of tombstones and burial plots. Some entries of individual burials
RUSSIAJewish Cemeteries and burial culture in Russia- the example of St. Petersburg. journals.ub.uni-heidelberg.deDementieva.V.A.Online article 2011The article describes the establishment of the St Petersburg Jewish cemetery and its development. Some photographs are included
RUSSIAJewish Religious Community of St. Petersburg-Jewish Cemetery. website Jewish Religious Community of St. PetersburgAn ongoing site established 2009 with the aim of caring for Jewish graves in St. Petersburg. A list of 100000 burials. Ongoing updates and biographies
RUSSIAJudaism and Jews Russia and the Ukraine. website established 2007Searchable website contains 110000 graves in 94 cemeteries in 27 cities of Russia. Updated regularly
RUSSIALubavitch.Russia Jewish Cemetery. Anash.orgAnash reporteronline article 2022All graves located in 2022 with search facilities by surname
RUSSIAPreobrazhenskoye Jewish Cemetery St. Petersburg. Finda graveOnline website Findagrave195 memorials with some photographs
RUSSIASynagogues and Jewish Cemeteries in the Russian Empire.—empire-lecture-1-of-3Levine.VOnline 3 lectures. 2021. British Friends of the Hebrew University websiteA series of 3 online lectures describing the historical context of Russian Jewish Synagogues and cemeteries including the effects of settlement on design and materials
RUSSIAThe secrets of the Jewish Cemetery SestroretskGuterman.DThe Canadian Jewish News 2017230 Jews buried and only 120 tombstones with legible inscriptions. The projects aim is to save and protect the destruction of the cemetery
RUSSIAThe shetl of Zheludok in contemporary cultural memoryKopehenola.I (ed)Moscow. 2013 and SEFER Center for University Teaching of Jewish Civilisation-online articleThe article refers to a catalogue of 300 tombstone inscriptions. It also includes reference to the birth and marriage records 1914 and the murder of Jewish inhabitants by the Germans in 1942
RUSSIAThe shetl of Zheludok in contemporary cultural memoryKopehenola.I (ed)Moscow. 2013 and SEFER Center for University Teaching of Jewish Civilisation-online articleThe article refers to a catalogue of 300 tombstone inscriptions. It also includes reference to the birth and marriage records 1914 and the murder of Jewish inhabitants by the Germans in 1942
RUSSIAWritten in Stones: The Art and Meaning of Rohatyn’s Jewish Grave Markers. Rohatynjewishheritage.orgRohaytn Jewish Heritage. Online websiteOnline articleA review of the Eastern Jewish Ashkenazic tombstone epitaphs. materials used for the tombstones. design. symbols. grave covers ( some photographs and sources are listed).
SCOTLANDScottish Jewish Cemeteries. scottishjewishcemeteries.orgOnline searchable data basedata base20 cemeteries listed based on 7 years research using old burial registers and other sources. Cemeteries and burials data base searches
SOUTH AFRICAPhotographs of Jewish Tombstones and Cemeteries in South Africa. https://www.eggsa.orgeSGGAeSGGAPhotographs of tombstones and cemeteries in: Eastern Cape. Free state. Gauteng. Kwazulu-Natal. Limpopo.Mpumalanga.North West. Northern Cape. WesternCape. Whereabouts unknown. World wide
SOUTH AFRICASouth African Jewish Rootsbank (2015) Cemeteries.deaths.and Estates. https://eggsa.orgOnline searchable data base by cemetery and last name185 cemeteries with a last name search
SOUTH AMERICA AND WEST INDIESThe First Sephardi Cemeteries in South America and in the West Indies. https://www.jstor.comBohm.GStudia Rosenthaliana Vol 25. No 1 (Spring 1991). JSTOR online readable article by registrationPages 3-14. The Recife cemetery Pernambuco circa 1636 and its disappearance post 1645 following the Portuguese insurrection
SPAINThe Tombstone of Moses Ibn Abi Zardil ( d 1354). www.jstor.comZelson.L.G.The Jewish Quarterly Review. New Series Vol 19. No 2 (October 1978). Online downloadable JSTOR University of Pennsylvania PressDescription of the tombstone and its defacement
SURINAMERemnant Stones. The Jewish Cemeteries of Suriname; epitaphs Vol 1 and 2Ben-Ur.A.Hebrew Union College Press Cincinatti.2009;2012 with Frankel. RVolume 1 Presents transcriptions and selected photographs of almost 1700 gravestones and plans of the cemeteries. The establishment of 3 Sephardic and 1 Ashkenazi cemetery is described and discussed in Vol 2. The community was established in the 1660s by Jews of Iberian origin fleeing persecution
SWITZERLANDGravestones at the Jewish Cemetery at Endingen 1750-1850. Vols 3 -4Stein.PGerman Edition. The book is held at the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain library
SWITZERLANDJewish Cemeteries in Switzerland. https://svjg.chOnline data baseSV-JG websiteAn alphabetical list of cemeteries several with brief descriptions and website links
TURKEYA survey of Jewish Cemeteries in Western Turkey. https://www.jstor.comRozen.M JSTOR Online article –registration required for accessThe Jewish Quarterly Review Vol 83.no1/2 University of Pennsylvania Press.1992Research project photographing and recording data on numbers of Jewish Cemeteries in Turkey. The article considered factors such as emigration. historic changes and social and religious and their impact on Jewish cemeteries including their maintenance. Details of analysis of tombstones are recorded
TURKEYA world beyond; Jewish cemeteries in Turkey. Humanities in Jewish Studies-Online websiteThe Lester and Sally Erin Faculty of Universities. Tel Aviv University 2021Major data base of digital images and textual content of nearly 60000 Jewish gravestones from various Turkish Communities 1583-1990
TURKEYHaskoy Cemetery: Typology of Stones. http://www.turkeyahudileri.comRozen.M and Wachsmann.G . Online searchable data baseTurkish and Balkan Jewry Documentation Project of the Goldstein-Goren Diaspora Research Centre Tel Aviv University.Philadelphia:Center for Judaic studies. University of Pennsylvania and Tel Aviv; Diaspora Research Institute.Tel Aviv University.1994The website has a very sophisticated research facility and is one of the largest in the world. The research was under the leadership of Prof.Minna Rozen with a research team. They mapped 28 different Jewish from 1988-1990 Turkish cemeteries and took over 100000 photographs
TURKEYThe Bodrum Jewish CemeteryBora.S and Koseman ( Translator)Libra Kitap.2017Bodrum Jewish cemetery south west Turkey. Detailed images of all surviving tombstones. translations of every legible epitaph. Jewish funerary tradition. history of the community. B/w photographs and annotated footnotes on the tombstones
UK250 Years of Burial in Liverpool. scienceopen.comSapiro.P.Jewish Historical Studies. UCL Press 2021Project to produce a digital record of every Jewish burial in Liverpool Old Cemeteries old cemeteries. Deane Road and Green Lane
UKA brief introduction to Jewish cemeteriesSmith.NThe Historic England Online article with photographs. 2020Reference to English cemeteries from Medieval to post resettlement. Photographs. iconography and comments are included
UKA catalogue and index of the Graves in the Jewish Cemetery at Fishponds. BristolTobias. AThe survey was completed in 1997The survey is held at the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain library. The names of those buried (1997) are included. Note the JCR-UK onsite searchable burial data base
UKA catalogue of the burials in the Jewish Cemetery BristolTobias. A1999 The publication was based on original research by Tobias and several others resulting in a data base of burialsThe book is held at the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain library. See JCR-UK Bristol Cemeteries Data base which is searchable by surname.
UKA ramble in East Anglia-Disused Jewish cemeteriesGollancz. H JSTOR online articleJewish Historical Society of England Vol 2 ( 1894-95)An account of visits to Ipswich. Bury St. Edmund and Norwich Jewish cemeteries with reference to their lack of preservation. Reference to tombstone inscriptions is made.
UKAlderney Road Jewish Cemetery London E1 1697-1853Susser.BUnited Synagogue Publications. 1997.JGSGB Library Index Record Online library records-see International Jewish Cemetery Project website Alderney Road Cemetery. London for further linksHeld by the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain Library. Includes notes and other documents. This was his last publication prior to his death in 1997.Ashkenazi oldest cemetery.
UKAlphabetical list of Kvorim ( graves) on Enfield and Cheshunt Federation Cemeteries to 1999Katz.MJGSGB Library Index Record. Online library recordsHeld by the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain Library
UKAnglo Jewish Burial Grounds. The post resettlement periodSmith.N ( Bowden.M Ed(2019)Historic England onlineThe document reviews early re-settlement period from 1656 and the Jewish burial grounds. Includes some photographs of cemeteries and tombstones.
UKBalls Pond Burial Ground; Index of BurialsMartin-Jones.TJGSGB Library Index Record. Online library recordsHeld by the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain library
UKBath Historic Jewish Cemetery. bathjewishburialground.orgThe Friends of Bath Jewish Burial Ground.The website describes the work of the Friends of Bath Jewish Burial Ground established in 2005. The groups aim is to conserve and protect the site for public access and to restore it. There are about 40 tombstones but many are adversely affected by decay. There is a searchable data base by surname. Numbers of photographs of the cemetery and its restoration are on the site
UKBeneath our feet. Oxford’s Medieval Jewish CemeteryManix.P.S.Roke. Elm Books. Woodstock. Oxon. 201440 pages. Discovery of the first Jewish cemetery 1189-90 up to 1232 including skeletons and bone fragments. The publication includes a map of the Medieval Jewish Cemetery
UKBet Hayim: An Introduction to Jewish Funerary Art and Architecture in BritainKadish.STransactions of the Ancient Monuments Society 49. 2005Describes the beliefs and customs relating to Jewish burial and the issues of preserving cemeteries and tombstones as part of the survey of Jewish cemeteries in the UK and Ireland
UKBet Hayim: An Introduction to Jewish Funerary Art and Architecture in BritainKadish.STransactions of the Ancient Monuments Society 49. 2005Describes the beliefs and customs relating to Jewish burial and the issues of preserving cemeteries and tombstones as part of the survey of Jewish cemeteries in the UK and Ireland
UKBritish Jewry Leeds data base. and Landa.SOnline websiteData base on Leeds Jewish individuals and families including census data. The site also has a forum for researchers investigating their family history plus other data bases
UKBurial Records of the Great and Hambro Synagogues 1791-1837Lewin.HHarold and Miriam Lewin. 2013This book is held at the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain Library; 373 pages. Transcriptions from the burial records
UKCanterbury: Record Book of births. deaths. marriages and cemetery of the Jews of Canterbury 1831-1870. Includes Dover. Deal. RamsgateNo details of authorNo details of publication or publisherThis publication is held at the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain Library. No details are provided in the library index
UKCollyer- Fergusson Collection Anglo Jewish recordsCollyer-Fergusson. T (1865-1951)Sir Thomas Colyer-Fergusson collection of Jewish GenealogiesMicrofilm of Anglo Jewish families and individuals including family trees. Includes details of some burials. The films are held at the JGSGB Library and the Society of Genealogists. London. Family search
UKDiscovering and Documenting England’s Lost Jews. ( ed) Online E-bookPascal Theatre Company.2021There is a chapter on Mile End Cemeteries Velho and Novo with photographs
UKEast End Jewish Cemeteries: Brady Street. Alderney RoadBerk.L.Amberley Books.2017A 5 year project to document and photograph the effects of the changing seasons on Brady Street and Alderney Road Jewish cemeteries. Images of tombstones and iconography are photographed
UKEdmonton Federation Cemetery. Burial records Sections A-R. https://www.jewishgen.orgPorte.EThe list can be seen on JCR-UK online data base searchable by nameThe updated list of names is held by the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain library
UKEdmonton Federation Cemetery: Lives of prominent rabbinic and communal leadersLandau. AEdmonton Federation.201850 biographies and rare photographs. The book is held at the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain library
UKExcavations by York Archaeological Trust investigating the remains of the Jewish Cemetery used between 1177-1230 pre-1290 expulsionHoneybourne. M.BJewish Historical Society of England Vol 20.1959-61500 bodies recorded for anthropological analysis. The cemetery was started 1177 up to 1290 expulsion
UKGlamorgan F.H.S. Merthyr Tydfil Glamorgan Jewish cemetery at Cefn Coed y Cymmer Monumental inscriptionsNo details of authorNo details of publisherHeld at the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain library
UKGlasgow Hebrew Burial Society. Glasgowhebrewburialsociety.orgCemetery Hebrew Burial SocietyCollation of burial data from old registers dating back to the late 1930s. The cemeteries are Glenduffhill. Riddries. Sandymount. The index was last updated 2016 with 11000 graves in 3 cemeteries with photographs of tombstones. This site links to the Scottish Jewish Cemeteries where the burial data base can be searched
UKGolders Green Crematorium 1902 – 2002Edited by Peter C Jupp and Hilary J GraingerLondon Cremation Company.2002To celebrate the centenary of Golders Green Crematorium which was the first in London.
UKHambro Synagogue Burial Register (Grove Street Cemetery) 1718-1813 ( now Lauriston Road)Susser.BHeld at the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain library. See link to JCR-UK Hambro’s Synagogue Burial Register –The Susser Archives. Description of the register and its purpose including list of names buried
UKHidden in Plain sight Chelsea’s Jewish Cemetery. rbklocalstudies.wordpressWalker.D.Walker. Dan. 2016A personal account in 2016 including photographs. commentary on the history of Chelsea Jewish Cemetery. There is an early (1896) photograph of tombstones and a map showing the cemetery in 1836
UKHull Hebrew Cemetery. Church Lane.Marfleet Lane from 1938 and Central Hull Hebrew Congregation and Hull Western Street from 1855Allerston.J1986Held at the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain library. Transcriptions of tombstone inscriptions
UKHull Old Hebrew Burial Ground.Hedon Road from 1858 and Hull Western Synagogue Burial GroundAllerston. J Schneider. Paradise. ENo date of publicationPublication held at the JGSGB Library. No details
UKHyamson Anglo Jewish CollectionHyamson. A.H. (1875-1954)The data is the personal work of Albert Montefiore Hyamson collected and recorded over many yearsMicrofilm of Anglo Jewish families and individuals including family trees. Includes details of some burials. The films are held at the JGSGB library. Society of Genealogists. London . Family search
UKIpswich Jewish Community notes and cemetery inscriptions fromc1811-1850No detailsNo detailsHeld at the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain library. No details recorded on library index
UKJewish Cemeteries of DevonFry. H.P.CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.20122000 burials recorded in 5 Devon cemeteries from mid-1700s. The cemeteries: The Hoe Jewish Cemetery. Plymouth; Gifford Place Jewish Cemetery. Plymouth; Exwick Jewish Cemetery. Magdalen Street. Exeter; Torquay and Paignton Jewish Cemetery. Colney End Road. South Devon
UKJewish ChronicleOnline searches by subscription with Archive data baseWeekly circulation by subscriptionThe oldest Jewish newspaper in the world. Established 1841 to present. Newspaper records include the names of individual deaths with family relationships usually recorded. Many have tombstone setting dates and cemetery location
UKJewish East End of London Photo Gallery and Commentary. entry 2016The story and history of the Bancroft Road Cemetery. Mile End and Maiden Lane Synagogue. Covent Garden. Some photographs of tombstones and the cemetery
UKJewish Funerary architecture in Britain and Ireland since 1656. https://www.jstor.comKadish. S. JSTOR online articleJewish Historical Studies. 43. 2011Description of the development of Jewish tombstones including design. materials and influences. Some b/w photographs
UKJewish Gilroes-a genealogical and photographic record the Jewish graves at Giloes Cemetery . Leicester. Hebrew CongregationThe project has a searchable data base of burials- there are over 900 burial plots in the Orthodox Jewish cemetery. The first burial was in 1902
UKJewish Tombstone Inscriptions –S.W.England- Studies in Anglo Jewish History No 3.Susser.B. Online (Introduction. Exeter section and others)-JCR 2003Susser Press.1996 and JCR online 2003Description of the acculturation of tombstone inscriptions and the deciphering of inscriptions
UKLondon Cemeteries:illustrated Guide and GazetteerMeller. H and Parsons.BThe History Press.2011 originally published Avebury Publishing.2008A comprehensive guide to 126 London cemeteries within Greater London; listed alphabetically including a map to identify locations. The history of the cemeteries is described with 230 photographs. planning. architecture. epitaphs are included. Short biographies of 200 notable persons
UKMiddlesborough Hebrew Congregation Old and New cemeteries. http://kmbro.weebly.comBookey.BAlso online site Kehilat Middlesbrough Newsletter and Archives.Held at the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain library. The original research was in 1987 and there is an online site containing searchable records of burials on both the old and new cemeteries and plans of the cemeteries
UKRamsgate Jewish Cemeteries 1872-2016Kelly.B and Tripp.G2016 published by the authorsBurial register. map. monumental inscriptions and selected obituaries Held at the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain library
UKS.Marks Deane Road Cemetery. Liverpool’s oldest Jewish burial ground. Guide bookNo details of authorThe book is held by the Jewish Genealogical Society Great Britain library. No details given on library index of publications
UKSamuel Isaac. Saul Isaac and Nathaniel IsaacsJolles. M1998- Jolles publicationDetails of the burials of some individuals at Chatham Jewish Cemetery- see JCR online searchable data base for Chatham cemetery 2006
UKSheffield Central Hebrew Congregation: 1 Plan of Burial Ground at Blind Lane. Sheffield 2 Walkley Jewish Cemetery list and plan 3 Burial Register Sheffield United Synagogue 1874-1997No details of authorNo details of publication dateThe documents are held at the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain library. No details included in library index of publications
UKSouthampton’s Old Jewish Cemetery. jewishartmonuments.blogspot.comGruber.S Online blog Samgrubers2019 blogDescription of Southampton’s Jewish cemetery including photographs. history. comments on iconography. certain individuals identified and discussed
UKSusser Tombstone inscriptions Old Jewish Cemetery Plymouth. https://www.jewishgen.orgSusser.BJCR-UK The Susser Archive 1972. New edition 1996. Online articleTranscriptions.Abbreviations.Glossary
UKThe Archaeology of Anglo Jewry in England and Wales 1656-c1880Marks.K. The book can be seen in part via Google Books websiteArchaeopress and K marks. Oxford 2014Photographs. maps. plans. survey maps of a number of cemeteries in England and Wales. Descriptions of the selected cemeteries with data.
UKThe Burial Ground Controversy between Anglo-Jewry and the Victorian Board of Health 1850Gilham. A. JSTOR online articleJewish Historical Society of England Vol 6. 1962A study of the conflict between the English Jewish community and the Board of Health regarding secular and religious sanitary practices and cultural burial practices
UKThe Burial Ground Controversy between Anglo-Jewry and the Victorian Board of Health 1850Gilham. AJewish Social Studies Vol 45. No2 (Spring 1983). Indiana University PressA study of the conflict between the English Jewish community and the Board of Health regarding secular and religious sanitary practices and cultural burial practices
UKThe burial register of Spanish and Portuguese Jews of London 1657-1735Barnett. R.D.Jewish Historical Society of England Vol 6. 1962 JSTOR online articleA transcribed list of names in the register from 5 Sebath 5444. Bethahaim Velho Burial Register
UKThe Cemetery of ResettlementMaster A.S.DiamondJewish Historical Society of England Vol 19.(1955-59)The article considers the background search for a Synagogue post re-settlement and the establishment and later enlargement of a Jewish burial ground in London. Mile End (Bethahaim). Records cited include burials from 1673 including some names and date of death.
UKThe closed cemeteries of Manchester. www.jewishgen.orgKay.LShemot December 2004 Vol 12. no 4 Jewish Genealogical Society of Great BritainDescription of the 4 closed Manchester Jewish cemeteries including the state of the cemeteries in 2004
UKThe Forgotten Ancestry of the oldest Jewish cemetery in Greater Manchester. data baseThe Institute of Community ReportersPendleton Cemetery 1794-1840; 29 survey burial records with reference also to the Solomon Behrens’s family
UKThe Jewish burial ground at Jewbury. YorkAddyman. P V and Kinsler.V (eds)Council for British Archaelogy.1994A discussion on the early Jewish cemetery 1177-1230 up to expulsion in 1290 including the discovery and analysis of 500 bodies
UKThe Jewish Victorian: Genealogical Information from the Jewish Newspapers 1861-1870; 1871-1880Berger.DRobert Boyd. 1999 20042 Volumes containing births. marriages and deaths plus other records from the Jewish Chronicle and Jewish Record newspapers. The records include some burial data on individuals. Family relationships are also identified.
UKThe Liverpool Necrology Project and Burial Data baseSapiro.PShemot.December 2020. Vol 28.No 3 Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain- see also JCR-UK Liverpool Jewish Cemeteries websiteThe project was from 2015-2019 and includes JCR –UK Liverpool Jewish Cemeteries searchable data base. Some 14.400 individual burials across 11 cemeteries in Liverpool
UKThe London Burial GroundsHolmes. I.M. The book is available online via Gutenberg.orgThe original publication was in 1896 but there are facsimile copies availableIn the book there are entries for A Corner of the Jewish Cemetery Mile End. Jewish Cemetery Fulham. Jewish Burial ground behind Beth Holim Hospital. Jewish Cemetery Mile End. There are photographs and a brief description of the cemeteries
UKThe Medieval Jewish Cemetery at Jewbury.YorkMcComish. JJewish culture and history Vol 3. Issue 2. 2000The article considers the difference between Christian and Jewish burials based on the skeletal evidence from the 1983 York examination of the Jewbury Jewish cemetery
UKThe Medieval York Jewry Re-consideredDobson.BJewish Culture and History Vol 3. 2000. Pp7-20The article updates and re-considers the 1982-83 study of the massacre of Jews in York in 1190 and the further research findings regarding the York Jewish community pre 1290 expulsion
UKThe Northampton Jewish Cemetery. The Jewish section of Towcester Road CemeteryJolles. MJolles Publication.1994Held at the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain library 194 pages- the cemetery was opened in 1902 and further extended in 1960. It is still open. All graves indexed up to 1994 in the publication
UKThe Old Jewish Cemetery Lettering website. 2014Description of the cemetery with photographs including aerial photograph (2018). There is a feature on Alderman Abraham Raphael Jr (2020) with a response from a descendant. There are 36 tombstones in 7 rows. The earliest tombstone 1797/8
UKThe Palgrave Dictionary of Anglo-Jewish HistoryRubenstein.W.Jolles.M.Hilary.LPalgrave Macmillan. 2011A dictionary containing details of well-known Anglo Jewish individuals including biography
UKThe Penzance Jewish Cemetery: A concise History and GuidePearce.KPenlee House Gallery and Museum.2015The publication describes the history and preservation of the Penzance Jewish cemetery established in the 1740s. There is an online Friends of the Penzance Jewish Cemetery website which includes photographs.
UKThe Pre expulsion Cemetery of the Jews in LondonHoneybourne. M.B. Subscription required to read the article onlineTransactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England. XX (1959-61)PP 145-159The survey and excavation of part of the London Medieval cemetery with reference to original manuscripts and records. A plan of the cemetery is included
UKThe Sephardic Jewish Cemeteries at Queen Mary. University of LondonLipman.CQueen Mary University. London .2012The history of the Velho and Neovo Sephardic cemeteries including case studies on individual burials such as Daniel Mendoza and Benjamin D’Israeli. The re-internment of Neovo burials to Brentwood.Essex is also discussed
UKThe Situation. Preservation and Care of Jewish Cemeteries in the United Kingdom. Journals.ub.uni-heidelberg.deKadish.S.University of Heidelberg. 2015The author conducted the first systematic survey of synagogues in the UK. The article describes the history of the early Jewish cemeteries and post re-settlement development and the issues affecting their maintenance and preservation
UKTombstone Inscriptions at Exeter Jewish Cemetery (Hebrew inscriptions and notes). https://www.jstor.comSusser.B. Online (Introduction. Exeter section and others)-JCR 2003JCR-UK online 2014Compiled 1940 by M Adler with Hebrew transcriptions and notes B .Susser 1963.A list of names in Hebrew and English including date at death; many also with age at death
UKTombstone Inscriptions at Falmouth Jewish Cemetery. https://www.jstor.comSusser.B and Joseph.B.LOnline JCR-UK Susser Archives 2014 Part of Tombstones inscriptions in SW EnglandPart of Susser Archive JCR-UK)-List of burials with names. plot. death. relationships. Transcript made 1992
UKUnited Synagogues Burials searchable data baseSearchable data base United Synagogue Burial SocietyThe site enables first and last name searches of burials recorded in the following cemeteries:Alderney Road.Aldershot.Bancroft Road.Bushey.Brady Street.Dover.East Ham.Eretz Hachaim. Lauriston Road.Plashet.Sheffield.Southport. Waltham Abbey. West Ham. Willesden
UKWhen Scotland was JewishHirschman.E.C. and Yates.D.N.McFarland and Co.2013The research considers the early history of Jewish communities in Scotland and the important role they had in Scotland’s history and culture. A range of sources including census. DNA. archaeology. migration. early documents have been examined to show that Jewish culture and history is interwoven with Scotland’s culture and history
UKWillesden Jewish Cemetery. The House of Life. cemetery website has a you tube video of the cemetery with an introduction. There are 30000 burials since 1873 and continuing burials to date. The website includes a focus on several well-known Jews buried in the cemetery
UKRAINEJewish Cemeteries. Synagogues and Mass Grave sites in Ukraine. Syracusesurface.syr.eduGruber. S.D. Online Syracuse UniversityOnline research article 2005 United Sates Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage AbroadJewish sites are recorded with historic context. community background and involvement. preservation and issues. survey data Includes photographs
UKRAINEThe Jewish cemetery in Sataniv: A Destroyed Monument of Jewish creative vandalism and desecration disguised as ‘Care’. OnlineOnline article as part of ongoing website with updatesDescription of the recent movement of tombstones and the reasons for it. The issue relates to Orthodox groups moving and re-arranging tombstones away from their original location. This has led to statements such as desecration and vandalism. The cemetery has rare historic tombstones with beautiful carved configuration dating back to the 16th century. Unique monuments of Jewish history and Jewish art in Eastern Europe
UKRAINEVisual Motifs in the decoration of tombstones in the Ukraine Revival: Rubbings of Jewish tombstones from the Ukraine Department of Art History. Hebrew University. https://jewish-heritage-europe.euAmar.A. Sabar.S (ed)1992 0nline downloadable article- registration required Jerusalem Hechal Shlomo. Department of Art History. Hebrew University; Jerusalem. Theatre.1992The article describes the work of a group of students from St. Petersburg. Leningrad cleaning and preserving various Jewish monuments and tombstones in the Ukraine. The rubbings formed an exhibition.
UKRAINEWhy the Streets are paved with Jewish Gravestones. Deseret.comOnline document.Deseret.1996Ivano-Frankivsk. Ukraine. Until 1962 the town was called Stanislaviv in 1939 50000 of the inhabitants were Jews. The town had 55 synagogues. The town was used in WW2 as a deportation centre where 60-70000 were killed and 40000 transported to Belzec. Polish concentration camp. The Nazis destroyed many of the tombstones and used them for paving the rail yard. The Soviets also used gravestones for construction.
USAA burial Place for the Jewish Nation Forever. https://www.jstor.comPhillips. R.S.American Jewish Historical Society. No 18 (1909) The Johns Hopkins University Press. JSTOR onlineThe acquisition of the cemetery situated near Chatham Square. New Bowery. New York City in 1729 and its subsequent history. Some inscriptions of tombstones are included but others having been defaced or too worn
USAA self-guided tour of monuments of Jews buried in the Mount Auburn Cemetery Cambridge. Massachusetts: A history of the evolution of the Jewish Presence in America’s Oldest Garden cemeterySegal.JJewish Cemetery Publishing.LLC 200788 pages. The book describes the historical changes to Jewish monuments from the 19th to the present including photographs and iconography
USABaron Hirsch Congregation Memphis. Tennessee Cemetery. https://www.baronhirsch.orgOnline data base of 80 pages of burial listingsBaron Hirsch congregationPlot listing by alphabetic surname. row. plot numbers. No data on date of burial or other data. First burial dates from 1847.Currently 3400 burials. Cemetery map
USACincinnati Project –Jewish Community. Jcemcin.orgCincinnati Jewish Community- Project director Strouse.S.Ongoing projectThe project aim is to develop a database of 35000 burials Jewish cemeteries of Greater Cincinnati in 25 cemeteries
USACitizen Kainen: A criminal defense attorney saves a cemetery. https://www.jstorM. MoroccoAmerican Bar Association Journal Vol 68.No 9 ( September.1992)The saving of the Jewish section of the City of Miami Jewish Cemetery
USAData collection of New York Jewish burials from 1989. searchable data base by cemetery name. society name. town/city or countyJewish Genealogical Society New YorkThe data collection began in 1989 in New York with 10200 entries from almost 100 Cemeteries including Long Island. Putnam County. Westchester County. Northern New Jersey
USADocumenting Maine Jewry-Jewish cemeteries in Maine. Mainejews.orgOngoing website and data basesAll Maine Jewish Cemeteries are recorded with Searchable databases on each cemetery- also linked to JewishGen –JOWBR.Known burials are recorded. Images of tombstones are being added. Access to full biographic records is via registered users
USADust to Dust: A history of Jewish death and burial in New YorkAmanik. ANew York University Press. 2019Death and burial practices within a changing historical. religious and cultural context in New York between 1650s-1950s. The crucial role of the family influencing these changes is examined.
USAFir Street Cemetery Cleveland’s Second oldest Jewish cemetery. Clevelandhistorical.orgDubelko.JCleveland Historical online articlePhotographs. cemetery plan and details of certain individuals
USAGrave Matters: Childhood. Identity and Converso Funerary art in Colonial America. https://www.sephardichorizons.orgLeibmant.L and Goldblatt.SSephardic Horizons website. 2022A description with photos of the tombstone of Isaac Lopez buried d1762 Newport and the Lopez family. Includes a simplified family tree of Lopez-Rivera lines. The article considers the Sephardic iconography in the Touro Cemetery and the seeking of identity by Jewish Converso’s. A comprehensive bibliography is included.
USAJewish Cemeteries of Congregation Berith Shalome. Charleston. http://onlinebooks.library.upenn.eduElzas.AJewish Historical Society of South Carolina. 1910 Online articleThe cemeteries include Georgetown. Orangeburg. Sumter. New Jewish Cemetery of K.K. Beth Elohim Charleston. Transcript of the inscriptions on the tombstones 1762-1903. Beth Israel Cemetery
USAJewish Cemeteries of Five Counties of Connecticut: The Cohen/Goldfarb collectionCohen. E.A. and Goldfarb.LHeritage Books.1995 Vol 2 2015The cemeteries are identified and described including burial details. name. age. row. maiden name. place of birth
USAJewish Cemeteries of the Delmarva Peninsula. A burial index for Delaware and Maryland’s Eastern ShorePreisler. J.H.Westminster MD: Family line publications.1995Details on the Jewish cemeteries Wilmington (Dover). Salisbury-Maryland. Illustrations
USAJewish Cemeteries Publications. https://cemeteryjewish.comOnline list of publications on Jewish cemeteries in USAJCP. LLCAn online list of USA Jewish cemeteries publications many written by Rabbi Joshua Segal
USAJewish Rest Cemetery and Beth Jacob Cemetery Tombstone InscriptionsAshbrook.G and Davis.E.C.Garland County Historical Society.2006The tombstone date from 1870. The book contains inscriptions. maps. alphabetical index. photographs. brief notes. Approximately 50 internments
USAJudah Touro Cemetery Association. article adapted from a talk by S Strauss. 2011Judah Touro Cemetery AssociationHistorical overview of the Judah Touro cemetery. 1st burial 1856
USAMinneapolis Jewish Cemetery Association Records 1940-1958Upper Mid -West Jewish ArchivesMinneapolis Jewish Cemetery AssociationPlot books and burial records 1940-58 are recorded on a micro film
USASome reference to early Jewish Cemeteries in New York City. https://www.jstor.comSolis.E.N. JSTOR online articleThe John Hopkins University Press. 1900A brief review of the letters and comments in the Jewish Messenger regarding the earlies Jewish Cemeteries in New York and the parties involved in purchasing the burial grounds.
USAStates of Remembrance: The historic Jewish Cemetery in Las Vegas. New MexicoHerz.CNew Mexico Jewish Historical Society.1990The Montefiore cemetery was founded in 1881
USAThe burials of Congregation Beth Israel.Macon.Georgia in William Wolff Cemetery and in the Hebrew burial groundKaufman.M.W.Macon. GA 1983112 pages. 6 plus cemeteries from 1844-1997
USAThe cemeteries of Arcadia-Bar Harbor.ME. Bennington NH.2016Free download. The cemeteries on the East side of Mt.Desert Island and north of Downtown Bar –Harbor- self guided tour
USAThe Jewish cemeteries of New HampshireSegal.JJewish Cemetery Publishing.LLC 201020 Jewish cemeteries in the state are referred to including guidance on their maintenance and preservation. Cemetery data is listed
USAThe Jewish Cemetery Association of North America (JCANA). Jcana.orgJCANA Ongoing website with updatesThe association aims are to raise awareness. preservation and the sanctity of Jewish cemeteries
USAThe Jewish community of Early Colonial Nevis.A Historical and Archaeological studyTerrell.MUniversity Press of Florida.2004208 pages. A research project to investigate the settlement and disappearance of the Sephardic Jewish community in Nevis. The research challenged earlier archaeological findings and emphasised the changing pressures and their effect upon the community who had fled earlier persecution under the Spanish inquisition.
USAThe old Jewish cemeteries of Charleston; S.C.A.Elzas. B.A.Daggett Printing Company. 1903Transcript of the inscription of the tombstones of Charleston Jewish Cemeteries 1762-1903
USAThe Old Jewish Cemeteries of NewarkGould.A.PAvotaynu.2005The old Jewish cemeteries 1850s-end of the 20th century. Descendants comments. obituaries. pictures. documents are included
USAThe oldest tombstone inscription of Philadelphia and RichmondKrohut.G.A.American Jewish Historical Society No 6.1897Transcription of Jewish tombstone epitaph: Philadelphia 1753-1848-58; Richmond 1796-1824-5
USAThe Wyner Family Jewish Heritage Center at New England Historic Genealogical Society. Searchable data bases. The Wyner Family Jewish Heritage CenterOngoing data base with archives and updatesA series of mainly free access data bases on Jewish records including: Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts 1775-2012; Sharon Memorial Park Cemetery 1945-2013; Jewish Cemeteries of Western Massachusetts 1647-1999 ( 1900 burials in 21 cemeteries)-requires membership; Charleston;SC;Inscriptions in Old Jewish Cemeteries 1762-1903 (searchable)
USAWriting History Among the Tombstones: Notes from Har Hasetim.Degura.A.S and Gorman Jr.DThe Graduate History Review 8.No 2019Online research paper to examine the project to preserve and interpret Har Hasetim. Gladwyne Jewish Memorial Cemetery. Pennsylvania ( 2015)
VENEZUELAEfforts to establish a Jewish Cemetery in Nineteenth Century CaracasAizenberg.IAmerican Jewish Historical Quarterly Vol 67. No3. The John Hopkins University Press. JSTOR onlineDescription of the Jewish community in Caracas and their attempt to establish a burying ground during the 1840s.
WEST INDIESPapers relating to the Jewish burial ground. Nevis. West Indies. record of the sources for the collectionUniversity Southampton University collection C 1971 GB738 MS 116/45List of tombstones among other documents. The tombstones form part of a re-consecration service in 1971 and speech given by the Prime Minister of St. Christopher Nevis. Antigua

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