Balls Pond Road Jewish Cemetery, London now complete!

General View Balls Pond Jewish Cemetery London

We have added over 500 photos to taken at this cemetery. Each entry includes the tombstone photo, inscriptions and in most cases the immediate families of those buried there.

Balls Pond was opened in the early 1840’s and is owned by West London Synagogue. It was described by Mrs Basil Holmes in ‘London Burial Grounds’ 1896, Fisher-Unwin as being neatly kept and full of very large tombstones

Of course not all the tombstones are still there or if they are they are not all legible. In many cases the names of the individuals have gone leaving only the marks made by the lettering, something of a ‘dot-to-dot’ puzzle to be able to read them. If you do not find the details of individuals you are looking for we recommend which includes information taken from burial records.

You can browse through each entry here or or use the search on the home page here

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