The Knowles Collection

Most people researching Jewish families in the UK will have heard of the Knowles Collection: if you haven’t, we recommend you visit the website without further delay. The collection is based on the pioneering work of the late Isobel Mordy, lodged at the Society of Genealogists in London, and Todd Knowles‘ additional research.

Todd, the great great grandson of Morris David Rosenbaum, explains his interest in British Jewry in his recently launched Blog, ‘The Knowles Collection‘, which includes some detailed research on individual families. One recent blog tells the story of Todd’s research into the Glucksteins and J. Lyons and Co. Another introduces a new way to search the 60,000 individuals in his collection: see Family Search Community Trees here at ; and for more information on all the current collections to be found on the Community Trees click here They include:

  • British Isles: Peerage, Gentry and Colonial American Connections
  • England: Residence of London extracted from Boyd’s “Citizen’s of London”
  • England: Norfolk Visitations, 1563
  • Scotland: Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae
  • Wales: Medieval Records Primarily of Nobility and Gentry
  • And many more collections from across the globe

And, if all that is not exciting enough, Todd contacted us a while ago and kindly offered to send us numerous photos of Wilesden Cemetery. Soon CemeteryScribes will have its own mini Knowles (Photo) Collection!

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