33 Jewish Charities in London -1850.

According to “The charities of London. Comprehending the benevolent, educational, and religious institutions. Their origin and design, progress, and present position (1850)”, there were 33 specifically Jewish charities in London at the time of its publication.

Each charity is listed with the address, date of establishment and their presidents, treasurers and other officers.

For example this entry for the Jews’ Hospital in Mile End.

JEWS’ HOSPITAL. Mile End. Founded 1807.

Affords both an asylum for age; and a place of refuge for youth where they are taught the modes of procuring a regular maintenance by the acquirement of trades, in order to become good and useful members of society. The present number of inmates comprise 12 aged persons, 55 boys and 20 girls; the total number who have been received in the house, 463.

Founded by the exertions of the late Messrs. Abraham and Benjamin Goldsmid, who, about 1799, commenced collecting donations from their friends for the purpose, of which not one was above £400, and but one under £50; and, upon February 17, 1806, having accumulated to £20,000, it was applied to the foundation. The hospital was purchased for £3,300, and has subsequently been considerably enlarged ; the amount of present funded property, is £48,143.

President,                                F. H. Goldsmid, Esq.

Treasurers:                             Aaron Joseph, Esq.; Lawrence Myers, Esq.

Physician,                               Dr. Southwood Smith.

Surgeon,                                  Thos. Blizard Curling, Esq.

Apothecary,                           Mr. Joseph Kisch.

Solicitor,                                 Mr. Sampson Samuel.

Superintendent and Sub-Secretary,    Mr. Samuel Howe.

House-Steward and Matron,                Mr. and Mrs. Myers.

Governess,                             Miss Hanbury.

Bankers,                                 London and Westminster Bank.

Secretary,                             Mr. Samuel Solomon, 5, Hounsditch.

Others listed are;

HAND-IN-HAND CHARITABLE INSTITUTION Asylum, St. James’s-place, Aldgate. Established 1840.

WESTERN JEWISH PHILANTHROPIC and Pension Society, 4, Manor-street, Chelsea. Established 1827.

JEWISH LADIES’ BENEVOLENT LOAN AND Visiting Society, 31, Nottingham-place, Whitechapel-road. Established 1844.

INSTITUTION FOR THE RELIEF OF THE INDIGENT BLIND, of the Jewish Persuasion, Bevis-marks. Established 1819.

PHILANTHROPIC SOCIETY, for Relieving Distressed Widows and Families of the Jewish Persuasion, 5, Hounsditch. Established 1825.

Jews’ Orphan Asylum, 69 Leman Street Goodman’s Fields. Established 1831.

Gates of Hope and other Charity Schools, 11 Bevis Marks,

The National school, founded 1664 called Sheare Ticksa in Hebrew, or Gates of Hope, situate on the synagogue premises in Heneage Lane Bevis Marks, An upper

National and Infant School or Path of Trust, situate also on these premises, which admits children from the age of 2 years, both boys and girls.

Secretary:                             Mrs S. Almonsino

The Orphan School, situate on the synagogue premises, founded in 1703.

Jews Free School Bell-lane, Spitalfields. Instituted 1817.

WESTERN JEWISH GIRLS’ FREE SCHOOL, 20, Dean-street, Soho. Instituted 1846.

WESTERN JEWISH FREE SCHOOL for Boys, 59A, Greek-street, Soho,

WEST METROPOLITAN JEWISH SCHOOL. Boys’ school, 256, High Holborn ; opened 1845 ;

Society for Helping the Fallen ;

For Relieving the Poor in Confined Mourning ;

Of Independent Friends ;

For Distributing Bread and Coals ;.

For Distributing Bread, Meat, and Coals, during the Winter ;.

For Distributing Five Shillings per Week during the Winter;

For Relieving Distressed Persons (Holborn);.

For Clothing Poor Jewish Boys ;

For Clothing and Apprenticing Boys ;

Asylum for Aged and Infirm Widows ;

Widows Pension Society ;

Widows’ Friendly Society ;

Ladies’ Charity, Burton-crescent ;

Ladies’ Benevolent Association for Clothing Female Children ;

Society for Cheering the Needy at Festivals;

For Allowing Weekly Stipend to the Needy;

Lying-in Charity for Indigent Women;

Society for Relieving the Indigent Poor in the Holy Land ;

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