Wilhelm Neulander 1873 – 1944

Wilhelm was buried at East Ham cemetery, Marlow Road London in 1944 a refugee from Germany.

Wilhelm and Lisbeth nee Krakauer.

Wilhelm and Lisbeth nee Krakauer.

Those of you familiar with CemeteryScribes know that we have a cut off date and do not normally break our rule. However, this is a one off.

It’s for all those who died away from their homeland and whose family could not, for reasons of the war and family dispersal, place a headstone on their grave.

It was many decades after Wilhelm’s death that a stone was erected in 1997, organised by his great grand daughter.

Wilhelm Neulander

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  1. Michael H. Leipziger says:

    This is a great picture,
    Lisbeth on her wedding picture with a HAT that
    is a feat to wear.

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